Tower Automotive

Bastian Designs a Flagship Component Feed System for New Nissan Assembly Line in Smyrna, Tennessee

Since their beginning in 1993, Tower Automotive has focused on acquiring three key components in order to become leaders in their field: cutting edge technical capabilities, the best in leadership, and a broad product range.


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Business Objectives

  • Install equipment between shifts so as not to compromise production schedule
  • Implement ergonomic part presentation for the operators in order to minimize injuries and fatigue while maintaining optimum build rate
  • Minimize fork truck traffic

Key Technologies

  • 140 Southworth lift tables and articulating lift & tilt tables with special ergonomic hand controls
  • 12 Big Joe walkies for ergonomic work-in-process container transportation without the need for fork trucks
  • 2 special 4,000lb frame lifts to lift truck frame beams out of the WIP containers while reducing back potential injuries

See the Results

  • Bastian Solutions reduced fork truck activity, thereby cutting expense, downtime and inefficiency.
  • Ergonomic system minimized reaching and repetitive movement while achieving maximum production. Certified by outside ergonomic consultant firm
  • Fabrication, assembly and testing took place off-site to maintain plant production schedules. The equipment actually shipped ahead of schedule to be staged in an off-site warehouse until the new assembly line was completed.

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