Whitepaper: How to Ease Labor Challenges With Advanced Automation

Selecting the right solution to increase labor efficiency

how_to_ease_warehouse_labor_challenges_automation_whitepaper_large_thumbnailThe daunting thing about warehouse ecommerce fulfillment is just how much more of everything is required. There is more picking and packing of single items to fill online orders; more pressure to hit tight cycle times and carrier arrival windows; and now, added concern about social distancing and employee health and safety.

The good side of more is that much more is possible with advanced automation: more flexibility; more scalability; and a greater ability to orchestrate automated systems and people processes with software. In this white paper, you'll learn:

• the impacts of automation on distribution centers
• the effects of automation on the workforce
• types of automation available for warehouses and distribution centers
• how software coordinates the different technologies and processes required to automated operations

Download the whitepaper to learn more.