Whitepaper: Microfulfillment Strategies

Microfulfillment Strategies – Top Priorities for Retailers


"The pace of change will only pick up, requiring retailers to transform the customer journey and re-examine the role of a brick-and-mortar presence.” PwC

Retailers have scrambled to meet customer demands in an environment where the fastest, lowest-cost delivery and most convenient customer experience win the day.

In this playbook, we will examine the extent to which retailers can benefit from adopting microfulfillment automation technologies, the challenges particular to the grocery sector and how to choose the right microfulfillment strategy to maximize the benefits of automation.

  • Learn the benefits of microfulfillment automation in their enterprise
  • Understand the challenges unique to the grocery sector
  • Learn about the key considerations when determining a microfulfillment automation strategy (back-of-store, dark store)
  • Understand what to look for in best-in-class automation technology

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