Warehouse & Distribution Simulation Services

Optimize Your Automated System Before It’s Built

Mitigate risk and identify operational opportunities by simulating your newly designed material handling system before implementation. The Bastian Solutions consulting team leverages computer modeling programs to evaluate new equipment investments and system designs to identify potential bottlenecks by running alternate and future “what-if” scenarios.

Before implementing automation technology, information management systems, or procedural changes, our team will verify that a final system design will meet your current and future needs. Gain additional information such as expected cycle times, throughput capacity, and labor requirements needed to keep your processes running. Our goal is to help you make smart decisions, increase your confidence in the final automation system design, and reduce financial and operational risks.

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Warehouse and DC Considerations

Whether you are moving thousands of product SKUs, or handling raw materials and ingredients, a system simulation will help generate a more thorough understanding and confidence that the right changes and approaches are being made to achieve your business objectives. From an overall warehouse process flow to a more detailed cycle test, system simulations provide data-backed, visual presentations to dive into specific industry challenges:

  • Product flow bottlenecks
  • Inconsistent or long cycle times for fulfillment or manufacturing tasks
  • Throughput capability limitations
  • Test alternate changes

Bastian Solutions engineers leverage their expertise across industries and technologies to review individual system details including:

  • Labor requirements per process
  • New system capabilities, limits, and opportunities
  • Dynamic system interactions within the facility
  • Complete integration with existing material handling systems




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