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Moving products and materials may seem straightforward, but difficult material and product types, specific environmental requirements, and unique industry processes can create complexities that standard conveyor options cannot support. When out-of-the-box conveyor solutions won’t do the job, Bastian Solutions’ custom automation team can design a custom conveyor solution to fit your needs.

Whether you need transport for manufacturing, assembly for delicate parts requiring special handling, buffering products for downstream processes, or a need for food-grade conveyance, Bastian Solutions works to solve the toughest challenges. We leverage our engineers’ combined industry knowledge and customer data to gain a complete understanding of the use, need and potential risks associated with the conveyor’s application to develop long-lasting, dependable performance. Each design is unique and tailored to a clients’ needs to meet maximum customer satisfaction and adapt to dynamic market changes.

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From omnichannel to manufacturing, companies at times face unique product, facility or processing needs that call for an innovative solution to move products or materials from point A to point B. Some of these challenges may include:   

  • Difficult to convey products  
  • Custom dimensions 
  • Unique pallet bottom configurations 
  • QA/QC – added product protection from marring 
  • Environmental compatibility – hot, wet, radiation 
  • Inclined or curved routes  
  • Branding requests – company colors or logo   

Harsh environments

Hot or oily products – Slat conveyors are ideal for assembly line and production operations. They can accommodate heavy loads and handle harsh environments. Their special design means that they can be used in a variety of positions – horizontal, inclined and curved – and require low maintenance, as well as fewer motors for a lower controls cost.

Protection from scratching or marring – Heavy duty belt conveyors are usually employed when roller conveyors are not suitable. Belt conveyors can handle delicate products and materials for better protection from scratching or marring. They are also often used in wash down applications. They’re designed to be durable and resistant to cuts and impacts.

Radiation and sterilization processes require specific materials and designs that not only support the process but can, itself, withstand radiation over time. Radiation-proof and sterilization-designed conveyors provide confidence in both aspects, reducing replacement costs from prolonged exposure over time.


Modular solution

Add and adjust over time - Activated roller belt (ARB) conveyor is a cost-effective solution that features technology that can be configured in a variety of angles, works well with small footprints, and brings the advantages of modular plastic belting – merges, switches, singulations, sorters and aligners.

Unit or pallet handling

Heavy loads with unique pallet designs - Drag chain conveyors feature a simple, straightforward design that is engineered for heavy duty applications and can be used in high temperature areas. It can accommodate pallets and loads that are not conveyable on roller conveyors due to unique pallet bottom configurations.

Large pallets for low profile applications - Chain driven live roller (CDLR) conveyor offers a heavy-duty design with various motor and roller options to accommodate large pallets effectively and be used for low profile applications.


Limited floorspace or unique parameters

Accommodating small or awkward footprints - Spiral conveyors offer a space saving option that takes up a fraction of the floor space of a traditional conveyor and therefore results in significant potential financial savings. This vertical conveyor can be designed for multiple conveyor lines, incline or decline, multiple merge points, gravity-controlled chutes, or various belt, roller and chain-slat options.

While exploring potential conveying solutions and evaluating the unique product and industry needs it’s important to also consider:

  • Reinforced frames capable of extremely heavy loads
  • Sufficient power and amperage
  • Operator and equipment safeguards
  • Facility floorplan
  • Industry regulations
  • Integrated operation equipment and systems
Custom Drag Chain Conveyor

The Bastian Solutions’ custom automation team works with customers to determine feasibility and return on investment of all possible custom solutions. We use three main tools during the engineering and fabrication phase: 


Engineering Studies 

 By investigating your existing processes and exploring different configurations, we’re able to engineer the best custom solution.


Machine Simulations

 We create realistic models of your proposed operation using real-world data, rates, speeds and the logic associated with handling products.


Finite Element Analysis 

For large structural loads or precise handling requirements, we can test for the proper strength, rigidity or flexibility to reduce risks and confirm capabilities.



By demonstrating excellence for standardization and quality assurance in our manufacturing process and for our commitment to customer experience and satisfaction, Bastian Solutions’ custom automation division has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification.

By responsibly managing the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes to improve our environmental performance and for our commitment to sustainability, Bastian Solutions’ custom automation division has achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification


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