Industrial Controls Engineering & Design

Get Your Material Handling System Operating Fast with Proven Engineering Design

Bastian Solutions provides complete controls solutions for machine automation and material handling systems. Our team will get your control system operational quickly, providing improved operations to help you get ahead of your competition.

Whether new or existing equipment, small conveying systems to fully automated industrial machines; let the expertise and experience of our engineers give you full control of your system. Our solutions include motion control, assembly, process control, material handling, furnace control, data collection and reporting.


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Industrial Controls Engineering

Leading Industrial Controls Capabilities

Bastian Solutions is a leading control capabilities specialist in a variety of industries. Bastian Solutions utilizes leading technology platforms like Mitsubishi, Rockwell, Siemens and TOYOPUC to control material handling conveyor systems, distribution centers, aerospace technologies, food and beverage industry palletizing, picking and automation, and manufacturing automation.

system-controls-with-zipline-amp-perfect-pickControl capabilities include:

  • Food and Beverage – Wash-down grade equipment (NEMA 4X enclosures)
  • Specialty Goods Handling – Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals
  • General Retail and Wholesale
  • Security – Building Security
  • Robotic Automation – Custom end-of-arm tooling, recipe control
  • Manufacturing Process Automation – Raw material and resource processing, assembly lines
  • Conveyor Systems – DC Conveyor, Pallet Conveyor, EZLogic technologies, AC Drives, Variable Frequency Drives
  • Sortation Technologies – Shoe sorter, tilt tray sorter, angled roller top, narrow belt sorter, sawtooth merges, diverts, transfers, vertical spirals
  • Advanced Communication Systems – Audio and video - DVR capabilities, electronic security, integrated data networks, mobile and transportable solutions
  • 3rd party software interfacing

Green options include: 

  • DC motors
  • Power (energy) monitoring tools through HMI viewing (optional, not standard)
  • Sleep mode controls logic
  • Direct/variable speed drives

Facility Automation System Integration

Integration with Leading ERP and WMS

Our systems have interfaced with a wide variety of WMS and ERP systems, such as High Jump, Red Prairie, Manhattan Associates, and SAP. Our standard interface protocols are designed to efficiently pass information between the host system and the controls environment. These provide real time routing and material status updates to your upper level information and accounting systems.

Complete Controls Experience from a Single Source

Material handling and automation systems involve integrating a variety of automation technologies to meet your specific objectives.  These technologies must work together smoothly for your operation to achieve maximum productivity.  Bastian Solutions has the necessary experience in conveyor controls and automation to bring together the entire material handling system so that each separate piece works in harmony.

Turnkey Controls Installation

Our engineers serve as a single point of contact for your automation project to ensure fast, efficient installation of your system, allowing you the benefit of improved operations ahead of your competition.

Full-Service Controls

Bastian Solutions offers the entire spectrum of services required for your conveyor controls projects.  We work directly with you up front to provide the right services at the right time. To make your projects successful, we will customize our team and resources based on your objectives.  With Bastian Solutions you can rest assured that we are fully dedicated to your operational success.

Proven Control Solutions & Experience

The Bastian Solutions’ team has a breadth of systems experience across many industries.  Through the team’s experience, we bring the best technologies to you for your conveyor controls and automation projects.

Total Operational Visibility

Our engineers use Human Machine Interface (HMI) technologies providing operational visibility to track and diagnose product routing thus helping to ensure operational success in your facility enterprise wide.

Interface Experience

Our industrial controls engineers and experts have proven experience interfacing to many different systems utilizing a wide variety of operational features and interface protocols. The effective flow of information to and from your material handling system is important in the just in time, high customer service business environment. We have experience interfacing to many different host systems using a variety of interface protocols.

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