Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Monitor real-time system information from one station

Bastian Solutions offers a Human Machine Interface (HMI) to keep you connected with your system like never before. Our HMIs are ideal for monitoring and controlling a conveyor system and are very user friendly.  Multiple 3-D screens provide a detailed view of how the system is operating, and color association for conveyor sections make the information easy to comprehend.

Another benefit of our HMIs is the alarm system. For example, if an emergency stop device is activated, the HMI will indicate the exact location, so it can be easily reset. The same is true for jam detection.

Displayed in HD (1080p), our intuitive interface gives you easy access to real-time information such as: system status, shipping/sortation statistics and energy monitoring.  Contact one of our Bastian Solutions HMI specialists today to find out how our world-class HMI can take your system to the next level. 

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HMI Software

  • Inductive Automation’s Ignition Software
    • Vision – for full HMI/SCADA applications
    • Perspective – for mobile applications
  • Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk View Software
    • Supervisory Edition (SE) – for full HMI/SCADA applications
    • Machine Edition (ME) – for PanelView applications
  • Other capabilities include Siemens WinCC/TIA Portal, Mitsubishi GT Works/SoftGOT, and more.

Intuitive Interface

  • Real-time conveyor status
  • Manufacturing process and product tracking
  • System diagnostics
  • Maintenance tools
  • 3D views and alarm logging
  • Data screens: sorter and scanner/scale statistics, maintenance & energy monitoring
  • Event Director/ WCS Monitor Standard Interfaces

Client-Server Applications

Bastian Solutions creates client/server applications for the user to have the ability to have multiple HMI Stations in one system.

HMI Capabilities

Multiple HMI Translations (English, French, Spanish, etc.)

Remote viewing

TeamViewer allows the user to have full HMI capability on an iPhone, iPad, Smart-Phone or other remote computer viewing.


HMI Control Station

  • Large system HMI control
  • Stand up or sit down
  • DVR systems
  • AOR systems
  • HMI's available
  • Consolidates system functions at a single location
  • Energy monitoring
  • Sorter-loops auto speed control

Multiple HMI Options

Our goal is to find the best solutions to match each customer's unique needs. Occasionally, that means using a different brand's HMI software. 

We are Gold Certified Integrators for Inductive Automation's popular Ignition SCADA HMI software. 

Contact us to find out which other HMI brands we can offer. 

Ingition Gold Certified Integrator


  • scanner-states
  • power-monitoring
  • hmi-ship-status
  • hmi-sawtooth
  • hmi-pallet-build
  • hmi-mezzanine
  • hmi-maintenance
  • hmi-lidders
  • hmi-case-erectors
  • hmi6
  • hmi4
  • hmi3
  • hmi2
  • hmi1

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