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High-Quality In-house Control Panel Design & Fabrication

Consistent, reliable material handling operations require equally reliable industrial control panels. Fabricated and tested in a dedicated UL-certified facility, Bastian Solutions engineers and technicians bring cross-industry expertise with a wide-breadth of automation technologies.

Bastian Solutions panel shop capabilities include control panel design, fabrication, testing and quality control, and installation capabilities that extends to the details of power supplies, field boxes and electrical components. Bringing you a complete control offering from control system design to execution, Bastian Solutions works with you to appropriately size and deliver a solution that is cost-effective and reliable.

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Material Handling Control Panel Process & Quality

Built to the highest panel and enclosure standards in the industry, our experts work directly with suppliers, allowing us to pass the savings directly to you. Our panel design processes meet the highest panel and enclosure standards in the industry.

UL-listed-certificationPanel Design

Bastian Solutions can fabricate a panel directly from your designs, build a custom panel or develop a system design based on performance for the specifications of a project. Our engineers work to develop control panel solutions to exactly what the automation equipment or system may need to make it operational. Panel sizing and field box placement can be customized to fit the facility and layout.

Quality Check & Testing

At Bastian Solutions, before our products are ready for shipment, our panels are powered, and connections are verified using strict point-to-point electrical testing. This includes thorough testing of:

  • Motor controls
  • Field panels
  • Electrical connections

All of the panels that leave our panel shop are UL508A and ULC508A certified. The panels fabricated in our panel shop undergo a rigorous quality check before shipment to ensure the customer has a trouble-free startup upon installation.

In-House Control Panel Benefits & Capabilities

Quality service means going the extra mile and paying attention to detail. Bastian Solutions prints custom wire labels and connectors using our thermal transfer printer to help you navigate your panel with ease.

Bastian Solutions also provides custom engraving services for component identification and sharp-looking control panels.

Integrator Supplier Buying Power

Because Bastian Solutions works directly with suppliers, we have the ability to purchase equipment and wiring in bulk quantities for our panel shop. With this ability we are able to save money on the initial cost of the project which reflects in the customer's overall savings.


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