Industrial Controls Integration

Establish Technology Harmony

Put your operations ahead of the competition. Controls solutions enable individual system components to work together seamlessly through proper sequencing and coordination, reaching top-notch performance levels with programmed alerts for quick action. Depending on the application, controls systems can range in size and function. Our team of trusted engineers will help you choose the right industrial control solution for your project and quickly get it up and running.  

The Bastian Solutions team provides complete controls solutions for machine automation and material handling systems. With a breadth of systems experience across many industries, we work together with systems project managers to pull together the best technologies and controls configurations for the optimization you need. Whether you have a new or existing system, regardless of size, we have the integration tools to connect them. These technologies must work together at their full capabilities for your operation to achieve maximum productivity. Coupled with control software and HMI, these systems provide complete, real-time visibility into your operations with status updates, statistics, and monitoring. 

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Industrial Controls Integration


Interface Flexibility

Every automation system has a unique combination of technologies and configurations. Similarly, the software and controls used to manage these unique systems vary as well. Our engineers have proven experience interfacing with many different technologies and software which utilize a wide variety of operational features and interface protocols. Ensuring the effective flow of information to and from your material handling system is vital in the just-in-time, high customer demand environment.  

Controls can integrate with a wide variety of warehouse software and ERP systems, such as High Jump, Red Prairie, Manhattan Associates, and SAP. Our standard interface protocols are designed to efficiently pass information between the host system and the controls environment. These provide real-time routing and material status updates to your upper-level information and accounting systems. 

Bastian Solutions’ Warehouse Control System (WCS) orchestrates material and information flow between the floor equipment and the upper-level information system in a single central interface. Its modular design accommodates easy, less costly expansion as your business evolves and demand increases.  



Open Architecture

We only utilize open, non-proprietary controls programs in the design and implementation of our controls systems. Providing our customers with proven and reliable standards for system control minimizes the initial investment and maximizes operational uptime. Our non-proprietary systems allow flexibility for support and upgrades after the initial installation. 

Remote Diagnostics

The control architecture is designed for remote internal and external monitoring of important system parameters to ensure maximum operational performance. These are often incorporated in multiple locations within your facility as well as externally to primary control, or support locations. All of our systems are designed with remote connections to facilitate fast, effective support to minimize downtime should an issue occur. We can operate these systems within your current network security environments to ensure all information is maintained securely.

PC/PLC Based Systems

We offer both PC and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)based control systems depending upon your application or specifications. Our PC system architecture provides the best of both worlds with core processing code operating independently of the Windows environment, and non-critical operator interfaces operating with user-friendly and easy to learn windows-based applications. Both our PLC and PC code uses standard logic routines to bring about an extremely reliable solution quickly.

Open, Non-Proprietary Equipment

Utilizing commercially available components and programming architectures, our team is able to specify the most reliable and cost-effective components.

Fine Tuning with System Emulation

Using state of the art software, emulation, and PLC, which controls the facility operation processes, Bastian Solutions experts provide a full-picture overview of the automated systems before installation. Emulation introduces real input sequences from the system so we can more clearly view how the design and idea will function with a preexisting or new installation. In the emulation we match real-time parameters for the facility operations and automation system. This may include throughput speed, devices, motors, variables, sensors, and dimensions for hardware, products or materials handled. Emulation provides early access to finite details that you might otherwise gain only after the system is installed and operations start.

Full-Service Controls Installation and Support

We work directly with you through the planning, installation and beyond to provide the right services at the right time. With the Bastian Solutions’controls team, you can rest assured that we are fully dedicated to your operational success.

Every customer receives 24/7 support for one year following the commissioning of their system.

  • Remote dial-In 
  • Modifications/upgrades 
  • Support contracts/services 
  • Web-based video monitoring 
  • Cell phone/PDA advisory alerts 
  • Operational consulting 
  • Planned maintenance software 
  • Spare parts specification 


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