Robotic Simulations & Proof of Concept


Robotic Simulations

Reduce time, cost and errors with the use of a virtual environment platform that allows you to reliably view, program and better understand overall robotic system configuration details. This helps to mitigate risks early for maximum optimizations and a highly effective automated solution.

Bringing clarity to this advanced robotic technology, Bastian Solutions’ robotics division leverages sophisticated simulation software to prepare in advance of your project, allowing you to increase profitability by accomplishing training, programming, optimization and troubleshooting without disrupting production.

Using FlexSim simulation modeling and analysis software Bastian Solutions’ robotics division can replicate real world robotic conditions with detailed customization to accommodate for range of motion, speed and payload. The simulation tools can also factor in 3D models of end of arm tools for precise programming of pick and place operations.

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Robotic Simulations & Proof of Concept

Challenges and Considerations

Accounting for the complexity of specific industry and task operations, proof of concept testing and simulations are sometimes desired to verify designed functionality and component solutions. A detailed analysis can help address risks early before integration, leading to:

  • Higher efficiencies
  • Faster change-over and integration
  • Contingency planning
  • Customization and modifications
  • Thorough team and operator understanding of the robotic system

The sophisticated software mimics robotic programming, robot cell obstacles, accrual robot speed and robotic reach relative to load-carrying capability. With all the parameters loaded in a robotic simulation model, real-time conditions can be easily predicted – cycle time, reach envelope, duty cycle, and collision avoidance of existing or new equipment.


Proof of Concept Testing

A proof of concept (POC) encompasses the design and testing of specified aspects of a proposed solution. This helps illustrate the feasibility of adding or enhancing robotic capabilities to your operations.

A POC can also demonstrate potentially high-risk system areas, and how our robotic engineers will determine unique and innovative ways to overcome them. During this process, you’re invited to view the POC in our facility and given the opportunity to provide feedback for areas of improvement.

  • Confirm Capabilities – Prove that the robot can meet pick and place rates as well as reach all locations with the attached end of arm tool.
  • Payload Handling – View and prove that the robot can handle specific payload weights and sizes.
  • Interferences – Identify interferences between the robot and surrounding equipment.
  • Observation – Determine if additional items like cooling fan for motors are necessary.

PRI_Programs_Registrar_Certified_ISO9001_4cBy demonstrating excellence for standardization and quality assurance in our manufacturing process and for our commitment to customer experience and satisfaction, Bastian solutions’ robotics division has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification.


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