Robotics Contols & Integration


Expertly Engineered Controls for Industrial Robotics Integration

Whether developing a new work cell or modernizing warehouse production lines, Bastian Solutions’ robotics engineers offer complete controls integration for a robust automation solution that maximizes your robotic systems’ capabilities.

Leveraging Bastian Solutions expertise and dedicated robotics resources, our UL certified panels use components from industry-leading suppliers such as Rockwell Automation, Microsoft, Siemens and GE. Machine operation code and programs are well documented and made readily available to your team. Similarly, the HMI interface and software are designed to be user-friendly and remote accessible for fast and easy program modifications and diagnostics to help you reliably, consistently meet business objectives.

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Robotics Controls

Robotics Controls Challenges

Each controls system is developed and designed to specifically support robotic solutions. As technology continues to evolve, robotics’ applications have grown to include a variety of tasks and industry uses. From conventional palletizing and line sortation where extensive pattern flexibility is beneficial to working with heavy or corrosive products, our robotics division identifies and factors necessary controls integration details for an efficient warehouse operation.

Bastian Solutions engineers take into considerations some of the more common challenges seen across industries, such as:

  • Handling of mixed products
  • Managing single or multiline operations
  • Increased SKUs or order needs
  • Adaptability for seasonal demand changes
  • Future robotic systems expansions
  • Real-time support and diagnostic changes

Industrial Robotic Controls Specifications

Our engineers think outside the box to find the right solution for the task. Not only does Bastian Solutions’ robotics help select the best equipment for the application, but our integrators also make it work within your set parameters and requirements.

Bastian Solutions controls engineering includes the following specifications:

  • User-friendly HMI screens
  • Remote access for diagnostics, troubleshooting and program modification
  • Software version compatibility for all customers
  • Standard “off the shelf” controls components and power supplies
  • No proprietary code or programs
  • Certified Rockwell Machine Builder Partner

Engineering Quality & Testing

At Bastian Solutions, before our products are ready for shipment, our panels are powered, and connections are verified using strict point-to-point electrical testing. All of the panels that leave our panel shop are UL508A and ULC508A certified. The panels fabricated in our panel shop undergo a rigorous quality check before shipment to ensure the customer has a trouble-free startup upon installation.


Manufacturing Capabilities

From welding, metal cutting, painting, as well as panel fabrication and electrical assembly, our robotics division offers a breadth of experience in machining and mechanical assembly.

By demonstrating excellence for standardization and quality assurance in our manufacturing process and for our commitment to customer experience and satisfaction, Bastian Solutions’ robotics division has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification.



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