Robotics Design, Engineering and Manufacturing


Superior Robotics Design and Manufacturing

Employing industry-leading technologies, the Bastian Solutions’ team of engineers provide turnkey and custom industrial robotic solutions to support your manufacturing, material handling and supply chain needs.

We work with you on every step of the project, from design to fabrication and mechanical and electrical assembly. Our expert engineers leverage in-house capabilities and cross-industry experience to maximize turnkey options, or design and engineer unique components for ultimate performance in your specific use case and environment. From the robotic work cell station to carefully crafted end of arm tools, our highly skilled team of welders, metal fabricators and finishers bring your fully tested robotic solution to life.


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Robotic System Design, Engineering and Manufacturing

Robotic Applications and Objectives

Whether palletizing, depalletizing, picking and packing, machine tending, or performing ancillary actions, robotic components are designed and tested for specific business and technical objectives. In addition to the type of product or material that the robots may be handling, our engineers also consider:

  • Product dimensions and weight
  • Operation movement patterns and cycles
  • Environmental conditions
  • Connected technologies
  • Manual related tasks for optimum labor considerations

Industrial Robotic Engineering and Mechanical Design Process

Our process is designed to ensure a quality hand-off to manufacturing and smooth deployment at the site. We strive to keep our customers involved in the development process with regular reporting and milestone tracking in order to minimize delays and for the best success at launch.

Tailored Robotic Solutions – Every project begins with objective and functional scope documentation. We discuss layout, identify specifications, financial targets and determine schedules and milestones. Once the project is understood, Bastian Solutions engineers begin their work.  

Confirm Design Details Using digital tools, our engineers design the individual pieces of equipment and work to modify lengths, heights, widths to meet the specifications of the project. They perform a robotic reach study in SolidWorks, a 3D software program, to confirm operations and adjust as needed.

Visualize Robotic Systems Prior to manufacturing, we perform several design reviews using simulation software to confirm capabilities with you. This allows you to see the robotic system before it’s installed and also simulate various operating and product handling scenarios.

Create Support Materials Once confirmed, final system layouts, safety fence designs and pneumatic schematics are generated. This also includes the creation of spare part bill of materials and support material drawings to aid in post-launch maintenance and support.


Industrial Robotic Manufacturing and Factory Acceptance Testing

We organize our machining cells to facilitate material flow through manufacturing. Through strategic vendor relationships our team fosters improved raw material pricing strategies. Using our dedicated facility, we leverage a 50,000 square foot space to set up your equipment for complete acceptance testing before shipping.

Manufacturing Capabilities – Whether a turnkey or custom solution, our robotics division capabilities include steel fabrication, welding, electrical assembly, mechanical assembly, paint booth and lean manufacturing. Cross-training practices allow our shop personnel to cover multiple areas of manufacturing for the best lean approach to accomplish on-time, quality product delivery.

Factory Acceptance Testing – Testing is completed in-house prior to shipping to confirm equipment quality, robotic operations and minimize on-site deployment time. We also confirm product and end of arm tools, as well as end of arm tool and robotic cell compatibility for a final, well-orchestrated solution.


By demonstrating excellence for standardization and quality assurance in our manufacturing process and for our commitment to customer experience and satisfaction, Bastian solutions’ robotics division has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification.



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