3D Rendering, Simulation & VR

See Your System Before It’s Built

Bastian Solutions brings our 2D CAD drawings and blueprints to life with accurate, 3D digital renderings and simulations. Once your system has been designed, flythrough animation or highly detailed rendering gives you a high-level overview of how products may flow throughout the system.

These materials help you visualize how the combination of technologies will come together upon completion. The animations turn on activity for the developed renderings to show boxes flowing through conveyors, in and out of goods to person systems, and sortation in action with boxes flowing to various destinations. With facility details in mind, renderings can put into perspective the size, shape and future growth of the system.

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System Design Process

Our rendering and simulation staff are not only accomplished artists and designers, but well-versed in a variety of technologies, project sizes, scopes, and industries. Our team ensures we completely understand what kind of services you need and all the pertinent details so we can create the most accurate virtual representation of the whole system and the individual technologies.

These virtual representations and walk throughs offer a view that you would not otherwise receive on paper and helps our project teams confirm and validate designs, layouts and processes at different stages throughout the project. Once a project is underway, renderings and simulations can be leveraged with real data sequences used in system controls to create an emulation that shows an even more realistic capture prior to system technology installation. This leads to a smoother installation and ensures that the integrated system accurately hits the targets and expectations set at the start of the project.


As automation projects are developed, varying levels of visual representations are created to give you the most accurate view of your system.



Using 3dsmax, still images of systems are rendered in high definition, photorealistic quality from several different angles to help customers visualize their system. The renders encompass the scope of our work, as well as phased installations and retro fit installations. The images are easily shared and updated throughout the design process to give customers the tools they need to communicate through the design phase. These renders are also provided in the “As Built” phase as the backdrop for our HMI’s.

Real-time Rendering

Using Navisworks, systems are orbited around in 3D space from any vantage point. This provides clients the freedom to view up-close, untangled perspectives of their dense, multi-tiered systems.  Using Navisworks Freedom, these ‘real-time’ experiences can be easily navigated, shared, and updated to give customers the tools they need to communicate through the design phase.


For a more guided experience, an animated video is output from 3dsmax to provide clients a photorealistic digital walkthrough of their system. Building from the still render, animated cameras are set up throughout the digital 3D model, which “fly” through the system with areas labeled for easy identification and sharing.


Using Demo3D, an operational model is animated to show product flow and movement throughout a proposed system. Demo3D videos take systems a step beyond visual representation by testing different controls and operating logic. Customers get a preview of throughput rates, equipment specifications, and headcounts based on the proposed data that can be easily shared and updated as the system is being designed.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Offering an immersive view, VR provides customers a clearer understanding of their project’s scope through virtual walk-throughs with the added bonus of interaction with the digital prototypes. Previewing complex and intricate system designs through VR creates a forum of engagement like no other medium. This can also be used outside of the automation system design process as a training tool for the customer’s workforce.


Using Emulate3D, emulations help fine tune programming before installation and system go-live, speeding up the commissioning process and reduces overhead costs. Pre-installation, industrial controls designers utilize emulations to connect the PLC and real-data sequences for accurate inputs like dimensions, speed and more.


Fine Tuning and Project Confirmation

Final visual automation system representations are shared with the whole project team and clients for continued project discussions and refinement. This may include review of a whole-system rendering or a series of animated renders for a virtual walk through. Refining automation systems prior to installation, helps to save on unexpected costs and delays. Through this project confirmation process you’ll: 

  • Better understand the system design and interaction with any existing technologies 
  • Review and approve of the facility layout 
  • Identify potential bottlenecks and opportunities for further optimization 
  • Be able to test and view different scenarios for future expansions  

Bastian Solutions utilizes the Navisworks software program to combine the automation engineering and facility details to create the 3D representations. Using this robust software also gives access to customers to view the designs in their own time using the free, easily accessible Navisworks Freedom software.  


System Renderings

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  • cognex-system01_1024x7681CD438028C973146BA6E1BA9
  • boeing---mobileliftingsystem---seattlewa_1024x768586D2CF97EB62F0DB60042C5

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