System Installation & Project Management


Reliable Management from Planning to On-Site Installation

Avoid unexpected costs and delays while ensuring your automated system is installed properly. Let our team of trusted advisors do what we do best – deliver a material handling system backed by data, analysis, and testing. Whether your operations are centered around distribution or manufacturing, Bastian Solutions has a wealth of material handling system experience in single and multi-site operations to execute your project successfully from conceptual idea to completed installation.


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Systems Installation & Project Management

Installation Services and System Types

A properly implemented automation system helps you achieve your benchmarks and business objectives quickly and easily. Bastian Solutions’ team of project managers, site supervisors and installers get the job done through expert planning and focused execution. Proper installations ensure your material handling equipment will work properly, your equipment warranties are maintained, and that your facility follows local codes.  

Our extensive network of mechanical and electrical installers is available to install and support in a variety of locations. Whether your project requires basic static racking, entails a bit more complexity such as a conveyor system with sortation, or is a fully automated facility complete with an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) our team works to bring together all the necessary components so you can begin to enjoy the benefits of your new system as soon as possible. 

Whether it’s a retrofit or cutover at an operating site or a greenfield project, Bastian Solutions’ team is here to make installation a success.  


Project Management Services and Tasks

From managing the schedule, to ensuring the quality of installation at your site, a dedicated Bastian Solutions project manager drives your project forward. By leveraging our experience in project management, we keep the bigger picture in mind to identify bottlenecks and system challenges. We proactively address each one to prevent problems before they surface to mitigate unexpected costs and delays.

To keep your project on track and timelines visible to all parties involved, we use common project management tools and frameworks like Gantt charts and checklists to ensure no steps are missed and a high level of quality control is maintained.

Bastian Solutions’ project managers consistently support customers throughout design conversations, testing and validations, and in installation and project go-live. Consistent points of contact help to more accurately build a system that supports your business objectives.


Support After Installation

Bastian Solutions prides itself on taking time to make sure your material handling system operators are comfortable with the equipment. Specification and operational documents are developed and shared with clients, so you have all the knowledge necessary to confidently take hold of your new system. When transitioning to your new system, our trusted team of advisors keeps your business and operational requirements at the forefront with final adjustments to ensure that your system properly backs your operations.

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