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Innovative Tire & Wheel Routing, Transport and Storage Solutions

Tire and wheel manufacturers face unique challenges when sourcing material handling solutions to move, handle and store product efficiently without unnecessary risk or waste. To create a reliable competitive edge, smart companies are modernizing operations with scalable, advanced automated technologies that support growth and provide flexibility.

Bastian Solutions’ custom automation engineers design, validate, and manufacture technical components and whole system solutions for effective tire and wheel manufacturing, handling, and distribution: from specialized conveyors with protective coatings to controls programming that ensures proper product centering. Bastian Solutions' has the experience and capacity to meet technical requirements and customer needs with modern, ergonomic and cost-effective solutions.


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astra logistics flexible tire conveyor

The manufacturing industry faces specialized operational standards to stay up to date with the latest technology, trends and safety standards. Some of those challenges include:

  • Varying tire and wheel diameters
  • Trends toward smaller, faster orders
  • Accurate inventory management and tracking
  • Efficient and fast product stacking
  • Assembly and manufacturing process support
  • Complex visibility to the whole operation – product identification
  • QA/QC - Product quality control
  • Operator ergonomics and safety

Space saving, efficient storage

Tire Stacker and De-stacker – Whether you are organizing inbound or outbound tires, before or after processing, tire stackers and de-stackers are custom designed to arrange tires efficiently, quickly, and safely. They can accommodate:

  • Up to 4 tires at a time
  • Various tire diameters
  • In-line designs that integrate in-feed and takeaway conveyors
  • Safety measures for proper product centering
  • Turn-key controls

Ergonomic tire & wheel handling

Inspection station – Automated or manual inspection stations are designed to ensure ergonomic tire or wheel handling when reviewing products to ensure they meet or exceed the quality standards set by the manufacturer.

Vertical Lift – These lifts are generally used to easily get tires in and out of manufacturing processes such as tire building, machining, shot blasting, and buffer storage. Our vertical lifts are designed to ensure high reliability and minimal downtime. They can be specified to lift one or multiple tires.

Wheel Flipper – Wheels are subjected to a shot blast process during manufacturing. Through this process, some of the fine shot becomes trapped in the recesses of the wheels. To remove the shot efficiently, a rotary wheel flipper can be used to invert the wheels 180 degrees to dump out the shot.

Tire Centering – In order to center wheels of different diameters and weights on the same conveyor line, our centering device utilizes basic mechanical principles. It’s simple yet effective design bolts to the bottom flange of the conveyor and can be easily added to existing systems.

Tire Flipper – Rotating, flipping and lifting of tires is a heavy and unwieldly job. A custom-designed, automated tire flipper takes care of that process creating safer processes and time efficiencies.

Accurate and secure product transport

Custom conveyors – Standardized conveyors can be customized for specific facility layouts and product routing. They are designed with product and environment in mind with considerations for appropriate use of belts, rollers, and orange polyurethane coating, for example, for protection of tires and wheels from marring and damage.

HMI Controls – When barcode scanning isn’t an efficient option, HMI controls can be implemented and custom designed to track product efficiently and accurately as it moves through your operation. From inbound to storage and outbound fulfillment, added controls give a real-time view of product type, process status and location.

robotic tire stacking and handling system


rendering of custom engineered tire spacer for conveyor

Custom Equipment Considerations

To design and engineer your system for maximum benefit today and into the future, Bastian Solutions experts will not only review your specific tire and wheel requirements, but also take into consideration a whole-system view, including:

  • Manufacturing and distribution operations
  • Business objectives – throughput and processing rates
  • Future product development
  • Industrial controls and HMI for operation control and visibility
  • Operator and equipment safety
  • Other integrated technology and systems

The Bastian Solutions’ custom automation team works with customers to determine feasibility and return on investment of all possible custom solutions. We use three main tools during the engineering and fabrication phase: 

CAD model of material handling system

Engineering Studies 

 By investigating your existing processes and exploring different configurations, we’re able to engineer the best custom solution.

simulation of custom engineered material handling system

Machine Simulations

 We create realistic models of your proposed operation using real-world data, rates, speeds and the logic associated with handling products.

rendering from finite element analysis

Finite Element Analysis 

For large structural loads or precise handling requirements, we can test for the proper strength, rigidity or flexibility to reduce risks and confirm capabilities.



PRG-ISO-9000-2015-logo-soloBy demonstrating excellence for standardization and quality assurance in our manufacturing process and for our commitment to customer experience and satisfaction, Bastian Solutions’ custom automation division has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification.


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