Wheel and Tire Handling

Tire and Wheel Handling Solved.

Exceed growing market expectations with tire and wheel handling solutions designed to move product efficiently without unnecessary risk or waste. Gain a competitive edge with WCS technology that gives you full control of your inventory with accurate tracking and real-time monitoring. Automation from Bastian Solutions transforms your operations with precise tire and wheel handling and reduced labor costs with minimal downtime.

Manufacturing tires and wheels requires technology from standardized conveyor to customized equipment for specific layouts. Equipment must be designed with product and environment in mind to meet specialized needs. Bastian Solutions has the experience and capacity to meet technical requirements with modern, ergonomic and cost effective solutions.

Bastian Solutions can provide turnkey solutions to fit your tire or wheel handling needs. 

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Shot Blast Remover/Wheel Flipper

Wheels are subjected to a shot blast process during manufacturing. Through this process, some of the fine shot becomes trapped in the recesses of the wheels. To remove the shot efficiently, our solution is a rotary flipper that inverts the wheels to dump the shot out two-at-a-time. It consists of a conveyor mounted in a "barrel" that rotates 180 degrees to invert until the shot is dumped onto a chute. The chute directs the shot in-line with the conveyor system back to the main shot handling area. 
Shot Blast - Wheel Flipper Specifications

  • Utilizes variable frequency drive (VFD) controlled SEW-Eurodrive gearmotor with chain drive for rotation
  • Conveyor on flipper is heavy-duty, chain-driven, live-roller conveyor that utilizes an SEW-Eurodrive gear motor
  • Diverter chute, underneath, captures the shot and returns to be used again
Shot blast remover

Tire Centering Device

Tire need to be centered for different operations such as quality control cameras or other automated processing. In order to center wheels of different diameters and weights on the same conveyor line, our centering device utilizes basic mechanical principles. Its simple yet effective design bolts to the bottom flange of the conveyor so it is easily added to existing systems. 

Tire Centering Device Specifications

  • Spring actuated adjustable tensioner used to fine tune centering force required for specific applications
  • Flared lead ends allow for each wheel to be centered through device entry
  • Simple design does not require plant utilities – no air or electric needed
simple yet effective design

Vertical Lift

Delivery conveyors typically run overhead to free up floor space. Therefore, vertical lifts are used to easily get wheels in and out of manufacturing processes such as machining, shot blast, buffer storage, etc. Our vertical lifts are designed to ensure high reliability and minimal downtime to keep your plant running 24/7. Vertical actuation and conveyance vary based on specific system requirements.

Vertical Lift Specifications

  • Vertical actuation is typically executed via an SEW-Eurodrive electric gearmotor. Designs have also been standardized for pneumatic cylinder lifts depending on the loads and vertical travel required.
  • Conveyor on lift carriage can be either gravity roller or powered roller conveyor.
  • Gravity roller conveyor utilizes the vertical movement of the carriage to raise a stop when the carriage leaves the adjacent conveyor elevation. Once the lift has reached full up or full down position, the counterbalanced blade stop lowers to release the tire. This method of conveyance is simple, but the tire conveyability must be taken into account to make sure it will work reliably on gravity roller conveyor.
  • Powered rollers on the lift carriage utilize powered motorized rollers with chain driven roll to roll design. This provides the most positive means of conveyance and does not rely on gravity for it to work.
  • Lower elevations near operators include a safety tunnel to keep pinch points and such beyond arm's reach.
  • Lifts are available with a complete turnkey control system or less controls for you to integrate into your system.

Custom Wheel Rotator


  • 360 degree rotation of wheels to remove shot after forging process
  • 180 degree rotation of wheels during coating process


  • Compact design allows for integration into existing layouts where floor space is a premium
  • Rotators feature a pass through design to allow for very high throughputs


  • Robust steel weldment with heavy duty bearing plates on each end
  • Powered roller conveyor features solid roller shafts that are supported by external bearings
  • Rollers are captured on each end to prevent them from sliding back and forth during rotation
  • Dampers are installed to absorb the impact of product on rotator side walls
  • Long lasting, sealed cam followers are used to support rotator drum
  • Turn-key control panel

Tire Stacker



  • Efficient and fast stacking of tires from cooling line
  • Design allows for various tire diameters
  • Capability of stacking up to 4 tires at a time
  • In-line design allows stack to be discharged onto a takeaway conveyor rather than requiring a fork-truck operator for removal


  • Chain driven live roller in-feed conveyor
  • Tires are lifted upwards with a pneumatic lifting device
  • Pneumatic operated fingers securely grip tire stack during stacking process
  • Turn-key control panel

Tire De-Stacker


  • Breaking down stack of tires coming out of Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS)


  • Efficient and fast stacking of tires coming out of AS/RS
  • Design allows for various tire diameters
  • Capability of de-stacking up to 4 tires at a time
  • In-line design allows stack to be conveyed into de-stacker. A single tire can then be dispensed inline to a take-away conveyor


  • Chain driven live roller in-feed conveyor
  • Tires are lifted upwards with a pneumatic lifting device
  • Pneumatic operated fingers securely grip tire stack during stacking process
  • Turn-key control panel

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