Tornado Mini Load

Harness the speed of a mini load crane

The Tornado mini load crane stands for dynamic and speed. It transports light goods like totes, trays, cartons etc. fast and reliable thanks to consistent weight optimization and a modern control technology, always having regard to low energy costs. Typical areas of application are distribution centers, production storage, buffer storage, chilled or frozen storage (-28°C), stainless steel applications in the food & beverage sector (i.e. meat industry). as well as modernizations and expansions.

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How Tornado Mini Load AS/RS works

The Tornado Mini Load crane moves up and down a single aisle to both store and retrieve products in a single deep or double deep configuration. Swisslog's Tornado is the world’s fastest mini load crane thanks to consistent weight optimization, modern control technology and an energy-saving design. The Tornado is designed from the ground up to be quick, efficient, and effective in mini-load automated storage and retrieval operations.

Swisslog Tornado ASRS

Specifications for Tornado Mini Load ASRS

  • Maximum height 66 ft. (20 m)
  • Minimum height 22 ft. (7 m)
  • Maximum load weight 264 lbs (120 kg)
  • Maximum horizontal speed: 19 ft/s (6m/s)
  • Maximum horizontal acceleration rates: 16 ft/s² (5m/s²)
  • Maximum vertical speed rates: 9 ft/s² (3m/s)
  • Maximum vertical acceleration rates:9 ft/s². (3m/s²)
  • Maximum load transfer speed: 3.5 seconds
  • Minimum operating temperature: -18°F (-28°C)
  • The above specs may vary depending upon individual system configuration.

Benefits & Features

25% weight reduction and higher performance compared to other cranes of similar heights

  • Lower operating costs then other comparable cranes
  • The crane mast is constructed with high-strength aluminum for energy sustainability and minimal power consumption

Features stringent weight optimization with a modern energy recuperation system to decrease lifetime energy costs

Modular components allow for

  • Cost-efficient commissioning, transport and installation
  • Minimization of spare parts inventory due to unique shared components concept

High endurance and long intervals between servicing (3-shift operation, lifetime > 40 000 h)

Higher utilization of storage volume through reduced length of run-out zones in front and rear of aisle

Optimized design for service and maintenance (access to load handling device, electrical cabinet, aisle area)

Mechanics and controls are both accessible from a single source

Slip-on gear mechanism for quick replacement and shorter downtimes

ServUs System Storage


  • Distribution centers
  • Production storage
  • Buffer storage
  • Chilled or frozen storage (-28°C)
  • Stainless steel applications in the food & beverage sector (i.e. meat industry)

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Interested in Tornado Mini Load AS/RS or want to know more?