Automha Pallet Runner

Semi-Automated Pallet Shuttle for High-Density Deep Lane Storage

The Automha Pallet Runner is a semi-automated storage solution that uses automated carts for more efficient deep lane storage. By automating pallet transport within the racking, this system maximizes storage density, reduces product and racking damage and reduces labor costs. Pallet Runner is a good choice for ambient warehouses, manufacturing facilities, 3PL centers, freezer facilities and other operations that want to upgrade their gravity or drive in pallet storage for increased efficiency and minimal cost.

Finding the best automated or semi-automated storage system that meets your operational challenges and budget can be difficult. Our engineers are available to learn about your goals and use their experience and expertise to help you find the best option.

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How They Work

Lift trucks load pallets into the racking system, which are then transported by the pallet runner cart to the next available position in the storage lane before returning back to the front of the system to receive the next pallet. Since the cart takes care of transporting the pallet to the correct position inside the racking, the lift truck operator is able to spend more time loading and unloading pallets into the system. The Pallet Runner system can instantly switch product flow between LIFO or FIFO as needed from the handheld controller. Pallet runner racks are designed to fit each customers’ specific needs, and pallet runner carts are available in different sizes to fit a variety of pallet designs.


Features & Benefits

  • Load capacity up to 4,400 lbs (2,000 kgs) is possible
  • 10 Models of carts available, based on pallet size
  • Able to operate from 113F to - 22F
  • Communications through RF or WIFI
  • Allows for communication with other equipment such as SGV’s
  • Lithium-Ion battery powered
  • Multiple safety features
  • Multiple sensors, allowing for redundancy


  • Load capacity up to 4,400 lbs. (2,000 kgs)
  • 10 different cart models available, based on pallet size
  • 10-hour run time per battery (48V lithium-ion batteries per cart)
  • 24/7 operational ability with two 48-volt lithium-ion batteries per cart
  • Battery replacement takes less 30 seconds
  • Operating temperatures from - 22°F (-30°C) to 132°F (56°C)
  • Communications through RF or Wi-Fi
  • Lithium-ion battery powered
  • Multiple safety features
  • Multiple sensors for precise position detection and speed control

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