Swisslog Powerstore Pallet Shuttle AS/RS | Automated Storage & Retrieval System

High Throughput Pallet Shuttle System for Deep Lane Storage

Swisslog’s PowerStore is a high density, high throughput automated storage and retrieval shuttle system for deep lane storage of palletized loads. Its modular design is adaptable to buildings of any shape and size, including odd shapes and low ceilings. With 60% more storage capacity compared to traditional pallet racking, this automated storage system an ideal option for increasing and automating storage in both new and existing facilities. This flexible system can be used in a variety of operations, including manufacturing, fast-moving consumer goods distribution, food and beverage, and cold storage environments down to -22°F (-30°C).

With so many automated storage options available, it can be difficult to find the best option for your facility. Our engineers have the expertise and hands-on experience to analyze your operations and find the best technologies to meet your goals.

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PowerStore Deep Lane AS/RS

How It Works

Swisslog’s PowerStore ASRS consists of storage racking, two vertical transport units (VTUs), and transport shuttles that consist of a pair of “parent/child” vehicles. The “parent child” configuration allows for a smaller or child unit to be added onto the parent or primary unit.

Pallets arrive to the induction conveyor where the product is scanned for profile and bar code label. The PowerStage system transports that pallet to either of the two VTU’s which lifts the pallet from the induction point to the correct level of storage and places it onto a pickup or deposit station.

A shuttle, consisting of two parent/child vehicles called an AisleCarrier and RowCarrier, moves into the pickup or deposit station under the pallet and lifts the pallet off the P&D. The larger “parent” vehicle, or AisleCarrier, transports the pallets down the aisle until it reaches the correct deep lane row of storage. At this point, the battery-operated “child” vehicle, or RowCarrier, leaves the AisleCarrier to complete the last leg of pallet transport, carrying the pallet to the designated position in the row, lowering it onto the row rail and returning to the AisleCarrier for the next operation.


Features & Benefits

  • High throughput for maximum efficiency
  • Modular design provides flexibility to fit any shape or size facility
  • Easy access for maintenance – critical components are located on floor level and can be removed and replaced within one hour, if required
  • Low ownership and operating costs; a PowerStore module uses less energy than a single lift truck and dramatically less than traditional ASRS
  • 60% more storage than conventional racking systems and up to 30% more than traditional crane-based ASRS


  • Operating temperatures: -22°F to 113°F (-30°C to 45°C)
  • Maximum load weight capacity: 3,300 lbs. (1,500 kg)
  • Throughput: up to 400 pallets per hour, per cell

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