Customizable L-Cart Autonomous Vehicle Kit


Automated Efficiency Booster

The versatile, customizable L-Cart AGV kit is your path to increased productivity. The L-Cart AGV excels at tedious, repetitive material-handling tasks — reducing labor costs and human error in the process. Maneuvering precisely through narrow aisles and manufacturing plants, it’s an ideal automated delivery solution.

Starting with a basic motor and navigation kit, the L-Cart's frame is then custom-designed to fit a variety of applications, from delivering parts on production lines to roll handling. 


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How It Works

The L-Cart AGV kit is a heavily customizable automated guided vehicle ideal for manufacturing and warehouse applications. It starts as a kit containing the drive packages, human-machine interface (HMI), category 3 safety circuit, Omron LiDAR scanners, stack light, and on-board computer. From there, a customized frame is designed to transport items up to 12 feet long and weighing a total of 3,400 lbs.



  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 1,100 - 3,300 lbs
  • Drawbar (Maximum): 101 LBF
  • Electrical System: 24-Volt
  • Guidance Method: Magnetic tape and RFID tags
  • Drive Unit Up/Down Method: Push-Button Powered Lift
  • Steering Method: Differential (2 Driving Wheels)
  • Travel Instruction Method:  Multi-Routes Controller
  • Available in both forward-only and bidirectional 


  • Reduces expensive - and sometimes dangerous - employee errors
  • Durable, predictable performance
  • High-efficiency, productivity and reliability
  • Removes variables for increased consistency
  • Reduces or eliminates damage
  • More productivity over standard life cycle with low maintainance costs
  • Customizable options

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