Vision Guided Vehicles (VGVs)


Optimize Your Warehouse with Vision-Guided Technology

Automating your warehouse with innovative vision technology means there is no need for modification to your infrastructure. Vision Guided Vehicles (VGV) are ready to navigate through any facility after just one tour of the building. VGVs easily optimize any warehouse operations of most industries with simplified setup and flexibility.


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How Vision Guided Vehicles work

When it comes to automated guided vehicles, everything considered to be “traditional navigation” no longer applies with vision technology. Vision Guided Vehicles (VGV) navigate their way through a warehouse without any need for a static barrier or infrastructure modification, such as magnets or reflectors. Instead, vision technology allows VGVs to build a three-dimensional map through a series of images taken when an operator tours the vehicle through the warehouse.

Once a map is created, VGVs are ready to go to work transporting goods around the facility. The vehicles follow safety rules of the warehouse and can easily integrate with other operations. When workflow changes arise, VGVs are flexible to any adjustments required. 


Increase throughput
with consistent and reliable transport


Improve safety
with predictable and
consistent movements


Minimal downtime
solve inconsistent labor availability


Minimize costly mistakes
prevent product, facility
and equipment damage


meet workflow changes
and capacity demands

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