Goods-to-Person Workstation

Gain productivity with a Goods-to-Person Workstation

The Goods-to-Person Workstation was designed to complement a goods-to-person storage/retrieval system. The workstation has 6-8 positions for orders to be filled. Each position has a takeaway transfer that conveys the completed case to the adjacent discharge conveyor and brings the next case to fill the position. The workstation is an all-electric design allowing it to be installed without the need to run air lines. It was designed with small cases in mind and has rollers and transfer belts on 3” centers.

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Goods-to-Person Workstation Benefits

  • Perfect for goods-to-person picking stations
  • Great for small cases (down to 6”x 9”)
  • High throughput
  • All electric (non-pneumatic)
  • Low-maintenance, very robust
  • Quiet operation
Goods-to-Person Workstation

Goods-to-Person Workstation Specifications

Standard Conveyor Overall Width: 18” | 24”
Zone Length: 18” | 24”
Zones: 6, 7, or 8
Motors: Motor Driven Rollers and DC Servo Motors
Power: All Electric (Optional Pneumatic)
Rate: up to 1,800 cartons per hour
Roller and Transfer Centers: 3”
Product Load Capacity: Max 75lb/zone
Minimum Case Size: 6” x 9”
Cabling: Pre-engineered plug and play System
Options: Pick to Light

Goods-to-Person Workstation

Spec Sheet


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