Modular Sorter

Gain flexibility with medium-rate modular sortation conveyor

The modular sorter was designed for high throughput of small packages in formats ranging from small poly-bags to 75lb totes. It features high rate transfers, pivot wheel diverts and belted roller bed direct current transport conveyor providing bidirectional sortation of up to 90 cases per minute. The modular, all-electric nature of this sorter allows a minimum length of 6ft with an unlimited maximum length.


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Modular Sorter Benefits

  • Provides medium rate sortation of products
  • Turnkey package with low installation and implementation cost
  • No air required for operation
  • Driven by 48V DC brushless servo motors
  • Offers 30° diverts and 90° bi-directional diverts
  • Modular design for highly customizable sortation
  • “Plug-and-play” electrical harness for fast and easy field installation
  • Sorts up to 5,400 cases per hour
  • Single belt encoder coupled with update photoeyes for simple and effective product tracking

Modular Sorter Specifications

Sortation rates up to 5,400 cartons per hour.

  • Standard Conveyor Overall Width: 18” | 24”
  • Motor: 48V DC Servo Motors
  • Speeds: Up to 250 fpm for 90° Diverts and 300 fpm for 30° Diverts, product dependent
  • Rate: up to 5,400 cartons per hour
  • Product Load Capacity: 75lb at all speeds
  • Sorter Length: 6’ – Unlimited
  • Number of Diverts: Two – Unlimited

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