Bastian Solutions Conveyor Shoe Sorter

Gain productivity with high-speed shoe sortation conveyor

Capable of throughput rates reaching 18,000 cases per hour and speeds up to 600 feet per minute, the Bastian Solutions shoe sorter is an all-electric divert for small or large products that operates smoothly and quietly. Gain productivity from minimal downtime with quick release slats, drop out switches and a UHMW slat surface for easy cleaning.


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Shoe Sorter Benefits

  • Capable of achieving speeds up to 600 feet per minute and throughput rates reaching 18,000 cases per hour
  • Ideal for high-volume sortation of varying sized products
  • Patent pending “gentle touch” divert system allows for positive and gentle sortation
  • High speed dedicated electric divert controller – no pneumatics
  • Avoid crashes with dedicated divert control processor
  • UHMW slat surface for low friction & easy cleaning
  • Maintenance friendly easy drop out divert switch, quick access side panels and slat removal with minimal tools
  • Easy access through side panels

Shoe Sorter Specifications

Sortation rates between 75 to 300 cartons per minute.

  • Standard Conveyor Overall Width: 24” | 36”
  • Motor: SEW Eurodrive motor
  • Speeds: up to 650 FPM, product dependent
  • Rate: up to 18,000 cartons per hour
  • Shoe Distance: 5” center-to-center
  • Product Load Capacity: Max 100lb/ft, max 50lb per slat
  • Minimum Case Size: 5” x 7”
  • Slat & Chain Support Bearings: Ultra low friction urethane tire ball bearings

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