Overhead Conveyor

Save valuable floor space with overhead monorail conveyor systems

A unique approach to load transport, overhead conveyors leverage unused vertical space and save valuable floor space for other operations. Sometimes referred to as “hanging conveyors,” "monorail conveyors" or “overhead transport systems,” load handling with overhead conveyor systems takes place over work areas on continuous paths that can change direction horizontally and vertically.

Able to accommodate a variety of product support methods, overhead conveyors are versatile options for heavier parts handling in assembly lines, as well as light, empty carton or garment handling for ecommerce or retail applications. This flexible solution reduces travel time and provides an ergonomic product transport solution. Bastian Solutions engineers can work with you to find the right overhead conveyor option to support your operations.   

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How Overhead Conveyors Work

Overhead conveyors free up valuable floor space by moving conveying systems up above work areas. A continuous track is suspended either from overhead supports and pendants are placed on the track that can hold product to be conveyed. Pendants can be designed to accommodate a wide range of items, from light products like garments on hangers to heavy duty parts for assembly. The specific application and capacity requirements will determine the best type of overhead conveyor for your project.


Features & Benefits

  • Free up valuable floor space by utilizing vertical space for conveyance
  • Reduce travel time by transporting goods directly to operators
  • Improve ergonomics and reduce lifting or bending by suspending parts from overhead conveyor for assembly processes
  • Versatile solutions to support a variety of applications and processes


Bastian Solutions’ expert engineers will work to understand the unique needs of your facility and system to find the best overhead conveyor system for your operations. Important considerations include:

  • Type, size, and weight of containers or items being conveyed
  • Throughput speed and volume
  • Processes being accomplished – will overhead conveyor be used as part of manufacturing process or simply transporting goods across the facility?
  • Environmental challenges – dirt, paint, etc.

Overhead Conveyor Technologies

Choosing the right kind of overhead or monorail conveyor depends on the specific application and the unique needs of your operation. Our brand-agnostic philosophy allows our expert engineers to find the best available technologies for your project, whether it’s Pacline, Intellitrak or another brand. Below are a few types of overhead conveyors that are available:


I-Beam Monorail Conveyor 

I-beam overhead conveyors are open-track conveyors where a chain rides on an i-shaped metal beam that is suspended horizontally from the ceiling. Items are transported on pendants or trolleys that hang down from the ibeam and are propelled by the chain. These heavy-duty conveyors are designed to accommodate loads up to 678 lbs. per pendant. I-beam overhead conveyors allow easier product handling in a variety of applications, including assembly, finishing, storage, and more. 


Power & Free Overhead Conveyor 

Also called asynchronous conveyors, these conveyors carry loads on individual pendants that can move at different paces, start and stop independently, and even change tracks. They are named for their two tracks – one powered and one “free” or unpowered. Pendants can be engaged and disengaged from the powered track to be transported as needed. The track can also be split into multiple paths and merged back on to a single track. Power and free conveyors are a great option for manufacturing and assembly operations that need a flexible solution that is also durable, reliable, low maintenance.


Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyor 

These closed-track conveyors prevent contamination from reaching the chain and any open surfaces, reducing cleaning and maintenance costs. The drive chain is enclosed in either a round or box tube, with items transported on pendants or trolleys that hang down from the conveyor. Medium and heavy-duty options are available to suit a variety of needs including manufacturing, assembly, painting, powdercoating, garment handling, trash removal, and more. 


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