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Achieve high throughput pallet transport

Pallet monorail systems are one of the fastest and most efficient ways to transport pallet loads throughout a facility. With a lower investment cost for high throughput applications, this track and trolley solution provides an alternative solution to roller conveyor systems.

Bastian Solutions engineers take a data-driven approach when evaluating and considering automation solutions to help you find the right fit for a faster return on investment.


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How Monorail Conveyors Work

This technology goes by many different names including “Electrified Floor Track System (EFTS)”, “Electrified Monorail System (EMS)”, or sometimes just “Monorail”. In the most general sense, a monorail system is comprised of two key elements:

  • Track - provides guidance and power
  • Trolleys - physically move the pallets along the track system and are self-propelled.

These systems offer easy expandability to existing tracks through the addition of more trolleys to support increased throughput needs. This can help minimize the initial capital for the project.


A monorail system, in general, could be used within any system that features:

  • Long distances of transport
  • Accumulation pallet conveyor connecting various process steps
  • High-throughput applications
  • Pallet flow traveling in both directions, back and forth between process steps


Transporting palletized products throughout a warehouse or distribution center comes with several challenges:

  • Long transport distance and high throughput
  • Extreme warehouse environments – cold or freezer temperatures
  • Labor safety and ergonomics
  • Equipment scalability
  • Facility space and layout
  • Investment cost

In order to maximize your operations, Bastian Solutions engineers review your operations, product data and throughput needs in order to design an automation solution that delivers a fast return on investment and keeps your operations running smoothly. Some specific monorail conveyor considerations include:

  • Product weight and shape
  • Trolley design – single versus dual
  • Transport time and exchange points
  • Business objectives and future growth


Hanging Monorails

Hanging monorails are the most common type. This type might also be referred to as “Overhead Electrified Monorail”. Floor conditions could be a key factor driving towards hanging monorail, in case the quality of the floor is poor, there are inclines and declines, or areas that require frequent cleaning.


Inverted Monorail

Inverted monorails have the track system directly mounted on the floor. These are more easily implemented, as they don’t require a structural framework for mounting the track overhead.

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