High-Speed Pick and Place Robots


Increase productivity in packing operations with high-speed pick and place robots

Fast-paced production environments need fast, accurate, and reliable picking and packing solutions. In the past, this work could only be done by human operators, but with advancements in robotic vision systems and end of arm tools, even the most difficult or delicate products can now be reliably and consistently handled by robots. High-speed pick and place industrial robots take product from one location to another with pinpoint accuracy, without the risk of interruptions or ergonomic issues.

Robotic picking and packaging solutions increase efficiency, accuracy and reliability while decreasing production costs for assembly, inspection, case packing, kitting, and more. Bastian Solutions’ engineers have extensive knowledge in automating solutions for a variety of industries and applications. Whether you are automating for the first time or upgrading your existing systems, let our experts help find the best technologies and solutions to meet your goals.

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How Pick and Place Robots Work

High-speed pick and place robots can be mounted to an overhead frame or be affixed to a base on the floor, providing access their entire working area, also called an “envelope”. Product can either be identified by an upstream vision system or an integrated AI powered vision platform on the robot itself. Using a custom end of arm tool, the product will be picked and placed by the robot to the desired location. Product can pass or fail inspection based on customer defined specifications for length, straightness, shape, or other criteria.


Features & Benefits

  • Automates processes that involve fast-moving conveyor
  • Improved productivity and quality control
  • Provides accurate, extremely high-speed outputs
  • Improves human labor ergonomics and work environment
  • High repeatability and reliability
  • Flexible and adaptable vision systems
  • Integrates with cutting-edge 3D or AI-powered vision systems for autonomous, accurate product handling
  • Delta or parallel robot configuration frees floorspace
  • Articulated industrial or collaborative robot configuration handles heavier payloads


Bastian Solutions utilizes a creative concept and design process to ensure we implement the most appropriate tool for your operations, including handling automotive parts, food & beverage, consumer products, and more. Common applications include:

  • Assembly – robots can pick parts from incoming conveyor and precisely assemble them onto work pieces carried by an outgoing conveyor.
  • Inspection and Quality Control – robots visually inspect and pick out defective products moving on a fast conveyor.
  • Case Packing and Kitting– robots pick up products spread out on moving conveyor and  transfer them into totes, final shipping containers or can even combine different products into completed kits
  • Induction and Sortation - robots instantaneously pick and separate products passing through its vision domain for further downstream processing


  • When deciding whether high- speed pick and place robots are right for your operations, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Size, shape, and unique characteristics of items being handled
  • Placement and orientation of items into final packaging
  • Required throughput rate
  • Facility layout and available space
  • FAT (factory acceptance testing) ensures our solution meets your standards

Technologies & Specifications

  • Typically uses delta robots, also called parallel robots, 6-axis articulated arms, or collaborative robots
  • Throughput can reach up to 200 products per minute
  • Vision can identify 100 or more products on the moving conveyor per second
  • High picking accuracy and tool compensation can bring placement error down to 0 mm

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