Robot on a Rail


Robot on a rail does more with less floor space

For operations with multiple product lines that would benefit from the reliability and efficiency of robot systems, but don't have the constant throughput that would justify dedicating a robot to each line, consider a robot on a rail. Mounting a robot to a rail allows a single robot to access multiple working spaces or product lines, maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime. Whether you are palletizing, depalletizing, replenishing your inventory, picking case items, or delivering completed orders to loading docks, Bastian Solutions has has the experience and expertise to design and deliver the best solutions to meet your goals. 

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Robot on a Rail

Benefits of Robot on a Rail

  • Maximum Flexibility - unleashes the robot to service multiple product lines
  • Optimized Throughput - compared to stationary robots that may be under-utilized, a robot on a rail maximizes throughput and efficiency
  • Less static equipment in the work cell means a leaner, safer work environment
  • Utilizes less floor space to accomplish what static robotic work cells require to do the same work
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning - move your robot to a safe and convenient location while performing routine tasks in the work cell 

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