Robotic Document Inserter


Automate Document Insertion to Improve End of Line Packaging Processes

Order fulfillment complexity in modern-day distribution centers has never been greater. Increased products, limited inventory, omnichannel requirements, and same day shipping have all placed substantial demand on operational teams. Add in labor availability issues, and the challenges compound even further. Placing the proper paperwork inside of a carton should be the least of your worries.

By combining commercial printers and industrial robots, our robotic document inserter system has built-in verifications to accurately place the proper paperwork in the proper carton, every time. Making sure the correct invoice, return slip, packing slip or promotional paperwork makes it into every outgoing order, streamlines this common end of line packaging process. Bastian Solutions experts will work with your team to discuss your operations and find the best technologies and solutions to meet your goals.

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How the Robotic Document Inserter Works

In end of line packaging, a carton enters the robotic cell where it is scanned for LPN identification. The proper paperwork is retrieved and sent directly to the line-side printer. While exiting the printer, the paperwork is scanned for a confirmation match, and then robotically picked and placed into the carton. A verification scanner is located within the robotic place zone for final match confirmation. If the printed documents in the trays don’t match the waiting case, the incorrect paperwork will be sent to a reject chute and the correct documents will be printed and placed into the case.

These flexible solutions have the ability to pick from friction feeders to accurately place pre-printed pamphlets, booklets and even product samples in totes or shipping containers.


Features & Benefits

  • Reduce first page print times
  • Precise and repeatable placement of materials
  • Multiple automated verification checks ensure accuracy  
  • Decrease handling errors with seamless integration to other end of line packaging equipment - conveyor, carton erectors, case sealers, case packing robots, etc.
  • Built in printer redundancy safeguards against cycle interruptions cause by ink or paper refills
  • Proactive monitoring of paper drawer, toner, and waste container levels for pre-fault maintenance
  • Inserts various materials including invoices, return slips, picking lists, packing slips, promotional brochures, and instructional booklets


It’s important to consider the following when exploring document insertion automation:

  • Type of materials being included –single sheet, pamphlet, booklet, product samples
  • Number of documents to be included per order
  • Carton identification and verification
  • Desired throughput rates
  • Integration with other automation equipment
  • FAT (factory acceptance testing) ensures our solution meets your standards


  • Paperwork insertion rates of 25 cartons per minute
  • Barcode scanning for perfect compliance
  • Robotic cell configuration incorporates up to 5 printers for back-up redundancy

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