Automated Case Flow for Mixed Pallet Building


Mixed palletizing throughput of 2,500—4,000 cases/hour

Capable of handling over 500 unique SKU’s, the Bastian Solutions mixed pallet building system automatically builds small and large format beverage orders using proven material handling beverage technologies. Based on a modular design, the system throughput is rated at 2,500-4,000 cases per hour.

The automated beverage case flow system helps you reduce labor costs, while increasing the speed of building mixed case pallets in your distribution operations


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Automated Case Flow

How It Works

A fork truck with a layer picking tool inducts products onto a descrambler conveyor. Cases are then sorted and conveyed into either an Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS) or automated case flow system.

Order fulfillment begins with another fork truck layer picker building a starter pallet. Simultaneously, products are released from the AS/RS and automated case flow system and merged in layer sequence. A conventional palletizer adds complete layers to the starter pallet, and finally mixed layers are added at manual palletizing stations. Loads are automatically stretch wrapped for shipping.


The Bastian Solutions automated case flow system was designed specifically for the beverage industry by integrating several industry-standard material handling technologies with our own conveyor control, order management, and mixed pallet building software. These technologies can be applied to a wide range of other industries to accomplish the same automated mixed pallet building capabilities.


  • Reduces warehouse labor and injuries
  • Improves order fulfillment speed and accuracy
  • Route delivery savings (Pick to order delivery)
  • Reduces product damage and shrinkage
  • Paperless picking and ASN capability
  • Increases warehouse space utilization


Standard hardware: The automated case flow system can be implemented using a wide variety of standard material handling industry components. As an independent integrator, Bastian Solutions provides best-of-breed equipment tailored for each project.

  • Flexible: adaptable to meet the needs of the beverage industries changing distribution requirements
  • System designed to build all methods of delivery
  • Software package designed specifically for the beverage industry accommodates changing sales patterns
  • Automatic pallet building software
  • Product and customer specific rule handling
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) software provides visibility and easy operation
  • Administrative and operating functionality
  • Able to handle all SKU’s and packages
  • Modular design allows for easy expansion of SKU’s and volume growth
  • Flow lanes are designed to handle mid to fast moving product
  • Automatic dispensing and replenishment
  • Reliable, yet cost effective powered design

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