Gantry Palletizing


Easily integrate and modify automatic palletization as needed

Bastian's gantry palletizer provides automatic palletization of cases, bags, pails, and drums from one or more packaging lines. It is designed to position product containers on pallets or slip sheets prior to storage. Products are oriented consistently onto the pallet. Multiple infeed and discharge layouts are available. Our modular design utilizes state of the art controls and is available from two to four axes of motion to accurately and efficiently position all product containers. Modular components allow for easy upgrades when future needs require additional speed, patterns or options. Systems integrate easily with upstream and downstream equipment for totally automatic operation. An open architecture allows for easy maintenance access. Operators also have easy access from floor level.


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How Gantry Palletizing Works

Gantry palletizers allow for multiple infeeds and discharges and will accommodate heavy product at slow speeds. Gantry palletizers pick up layers, rows, or individual products one at a time. Multiple separate packaging lines can be palletized by a single gantry cell and operating speed is up to four placements per minute. Each placement can be a single container, a row or an entire layer of product depending on container size and system requirements. Standard lifting capacity is 500 lbs. which is more than sufficient for most applications.

Full pallets can be removed manually or automatically with a variety of conveyor or shuttle car options. Empty pallets can be positioned manually or automatically with an automatic pallet dispenser and conveyor or a specially designed end of arm tool equipped for pallet handling.

Bags enter the system onto the heavy duty gravity roller conveyor. From the gravity roller conveyor, bags continue to the gapping belt conveyor for separation. The gapping belt conveyor then generates the appropriate gap needed to feed the bags to the turning cross. The turning cross orient the bags appropriately by lifting the bags and turning them +90°, 180° or -90°, as necessary. The bags continue across belt conveyor sections of the turning cross to the row forming belt where rows are generated for palletizing purposes.

The rows of product are pushed onto a stripper plate, which will then accumulate full layers and place them on the pallet. Each row is pushed independently from the other onto the stripper plate. The finger-style pallet dispenser dispenses empty pallets to the palletizing area. The dispenser places the empty pallet onto a pallet conveyor. The slip sheet dispenser places a bottom sheet on the pallet. The pallet then proceeds to the palletizing area. Once the pallet is in the palletizing area, it can receive layers of product. Once a full load has been attained, it is discharged onto a pallet conveyor and ultimately unloaded by a forklift truck.


  • The end of mast tool can fill containers and palletize or depalletize complete layers of collated loads such as packs, bundles, boxes or non collated loads such as bottles, cans, and glass objects.
  • Multiple infeed and discharge layouts available
  • Modular components allow for easy upgrading when future needs require additional speed, patterns, or options
  • Systems integrate easily with upstream and downstream equipment for total automatic operation
  • Open architecture allows for easy maintenance access
  • Tight footprint
  • Improved ergonomics


  • Accepts full 44" x 56" pallet loads with the wide side of the pallet leading
  • Small footprint for multiple line palletizing
  • Multiple carriages allow for high throughputs
  • Simple integration with standard layer formers for full layer palletizing
  • Full layer Depalletizing capabilities
  • Easily expandable to meet future palletizing needs


  • Heavy duty structural tube welded frame
  • Rugged rack and pinion system providing precise motion and positioning
  • Capped and sealed tubes provide clean design
  • Urethane wheels provides for a smooth and quiet operation
  • Gear motor drive allows high speed and high capacity options
  • Positive drive product infeed with blade-stop positioning
  • Electro-pneumatic operation
  • Encoded drives allow for precise movement
  • Available with AC Encoded motors or DC servo motors

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