Low Level Case Palletizing

Years of solid performance with this rugged palletizer

Low level infeed case palletizers have rugged construction and compact design to provide years of trouble-free performance and productivity. Total automatic operation at speeds up to 180 layers/hour and power saving automatic shut down ensure value on your investment. A small footprint designed by separating the infeed and pallet handling systems from the main frame allows for placement when space is limited. Modular components allow for easy upgrading when future needs require additional options. All electro-pneumatic operation eliminates container contamination found in other hydraulic units.

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Low Level Case Palletizing

How It works

Auxiliary Row Accumulation allows product to be staged on an intermediate layer table enabling higher speeds. Layers are squared automatically on four sides, creating uniform and tight loads. The flexible design allows for various configurations of pallet and/or slip sheet dispensers and finished load discharge directions. Infeed possibilities include both a low and high level design. More sophisticated designs allow for handling dual infeed conveyors utilizing a single palletizer and a three-position shuttle car palletizing station.



Robots used in case packing applications have many benefits over manual packing. These include:

  • Robust design utilizing fully welded structural steel provides increased strength and reliability
  • Compact footprint for efficient use of floor space
  • Very cost effective compared to manual palletizing
  • Advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) using touch screen technology and access to system parameters for simple operator interaction
  • Reduced installation time due to pre-wiring and modular mechanical design


  • Heavy duty open sanitary frame allows for easy access
  • Heavy duty triple strand drag chain discharge conveyor
  • Heavy duty case pusher bar with equally distributed pressure
  • Tapered stripper plate reducing shingling and ensuring layer alignment
  • Crank arm stripper plate drive ensuring smooth acceleration and deceleration
  • PLC controlled case orientation
  • Control through timing belts, case turners and blade stops
  • Optional overhead dual end driven flight bar providing positive layer placement
  • Four sided squaring capable
  • Other optional equipment: dual stripper plates, tier layer squaring, dual infeed conveyors, film sheet dispenser, load check weighers, inter-layer tie sheet placement, case printing and load labeling, pallet dispensers, label out palletizing


  • Production capacity up to 180 layers/hour
  • 550 lbs. maximum layer weight
  • Maximum load weight 5,000 lbs.
  • Maximum load size 52" x 52"
  • Maximum load height 90" including pallet
  • Minimum infeed height 18"
  • Allen Bradley PLC control system and HMI operator interface
  • Electrical requirements: 480 volt / 3 phase / 60 hz
  • Control Voltage: 24 vdc inputs / 120 vac / relay outputs
  • Pneumatic requirements: 80-100 psi air supply, 10 cfm of clean, dry air
  • SEW Eurodrive gearmotors standard
  • Case printing and load labeling, pallet dispensers, label out palletizing

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