Pallet Turn Table

Pallet Turn Table

A pallet turn table is generally used in a pallet conveyor system where the pallet flow needs to change by an angle different than 90 degrees. They can also be used if it is a 90 degree turn, and the orientation of the pallet needs to remain the same (i.e. narrow side leading or wide side leading). Bastian's pallet turn tables are custom manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of your pallet handling system.

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Pallet Turn Table

How It Works

There are two (2) different varieties of turn tables, motor driven rotation and pneumatic rotation.  The motor driven turn table can rotate an infinite number of degrees while the pneumatic turn table is typically limited to 90° rotations. The motor driven turn table uses a gear and rack drive to rotate the turn table. A power ring is used to transmit power to the conveyor motor and control devices so that infinite rotation is possible. The pneumatic turntable uses a fixed stroke air cylinder to rotate the pallet a fixed rotation.


  • Infinite degree pallet turns
  • Merging pallet conveyor lanes
  • Robotic palletizing systems
  • Conventional palletizing systems
  • Pallet transport systems
  • Built for multiple pallet sizes and shapes

Features & Benefits

  • 4,000+ pound capacity
  • Reliable, time-proven design
  • Standard spare parts for quick replacements
  • Structural materials
  • Fully welded construction
  • Precise positioning by use of an encoded drive

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