Pop Up Transfers


Pop Up Transfers

Pop up transfers are typically used in pallet or product conveyor layouts to change the flow of the pallet or product by 90° or to merge several infeed lines into one trunk line. Pop up transfers can also be used change the orientation of the pallet or product from wide side leading to narrow side leading or vice versa.

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How it Works

A pop up transfer has a drag chain (DC) conveyor set inside a chain driven live roller conveyor (CDLR).  Either the DC or the CDLR remains fixed, while the other changes elevations so that the pallet or product can be conveyed at 90° from its previous orientation.  The elevation change is accomplished by either a wedge and cam follower or by the use of air bladders.


  • 90° pallet or product turns
  • Merging of pallet or product conveyor lanes

Features & Benefits

  • 4,000+ pound capacity
  • Extremely reliable
  • Off the shelf spare parts
  • 3 chain pop up rollers or more
  • Fully welded construction
  • Up to 52" effective roller width
  • Typical 5' lengths
  • Includes sensor and sequencing controls
  • Pneumatically driven wedge or air bladder for vertical travel

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