Automatic Stretch Wrappers


Increase Throughput with Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machines

Bastian Solutions integrates many different stretch wrappers in our material handling systems, robotic work cells, and conventional palletizing cells. The stretch wrappers we integrate can accommodate a vast array of product sizes and shapes. Put our expertise to work for you by making stretch wrappers an integral part of your end of line packaging system.

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Automatic Stretch Wrappers

How It Works

Pallet conveyor moves pallets full of products ready for storage or shipping into the stretch wrapper envelope. The wrapping media is manually or automatically attached to the load. The wrapping media is wrapped around the load either by rotating the load on a turntable or rotating the media around the load. Number of wraps and tightness of wrap are preset and adjustable after installation.


Features & Benefits

  • Secure, abrasion protection for bags or cartons
  • Products can be wrapped to the pallet to prevent shifting
  • More reliable than manual wrapping
  • Eliminates the need for lock-n-pop adhesive
  • Floor mounted heavy duty construction
  • AC drive/motor for safe, reliable performance and minimal maintenance


  • 20" or 30" NO-THREAD powered pre-stretch carriage for quick, easy and safe film loading
  • 25" ring gear bearing drive
  • Cut and wipe film treatment
  • All steel construction
  • 230/460 Volt options
  • Unlimited load weight capacity
  • Up to 100 loads per hour

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