Vertical Case Lifts

Vertical Case Lift

Bastian's vertical case lifts are designed to elevate or lower cases, cartons, or other packages from one elevation to another while occupying much less floor space than the typical inline conveyor. Our in-house design and manufacturing of equipment allows us to be a total solutions provider for all robotic and material handling needs.

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How it Works

The package enters the machine on a table top or mat top conveyor.  The dual flights increment vertically to life the package off of the infeed conveyor and elevate it to the discharge elevation.  The package can be pushed off the flights to form a "C" or a "Z" configuration.  The machine can be equipped with a bi-directional flight sweep to discharge packages in either direction.

The lifting and lowering is accomplished with flights that are spaced vertically to accommodate both the shortest and tallest packages.  The flights are spaced horizontally and are the proper width to accommodate both the widest and the narrowest packages.  If the geometry of the package mix requires adjustability, the horizontal gap between the flights can be changed with the addition of an optional hand rotated lead screw.  The flights can also be easily relocated on the carrying chain to accommodate taller packages.



The vertical case lift can elevate your product to the height of your ceiling supported conveyors without occupying the floor space of a typical incline conveyor.  The vertical case lift can also convey a wide variety of product size and weight up to 50 lbs. per case.  The stainless version can be applied in wash down environments.



  • Accommodate a variety of case sizes
  • Load capacity 50 lbs/case
  • 20 case/minute capacity
  • Mild steel, painted construction
  • Stainless steel for wash down applications also available
  • Controlled by Allen-Bradley MicroLogix processor
  • Minimal foot print
  • Optional bi-directional flight sweep to discharge cases in one or two directions

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