Sortation Conveyors

Quickly distribute products with the perfect sortation solution for your system

Designed for versatility, conveyor sortation can help arrange products from multiple infeed lines adding even greater efficiencies in distribution operations. Various conveyor technology – tilt tray, activated roller belts, cross belt sorters and narrow belt sorters – help to seamlessly maintain product flow for further sorting, scanning or fulfillment processes.

Sorters are the ideal solution for separating products from in-feed conveyor lines to shipping lanes, palletizing operations, packing stations & other sortation applications. Sorters are versatile and can sort a wide range of product sizes and weights to multiple divert lanes.

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High Throughput Sorters

Used when throughput rate requirements are greater than 60 product sorts per minute: The sortation technology that meets this specification includes sliding shoe sorters, cross-belt or tilt-tray sorters, and 30-degree narrow belt sorters.

Shoe Sorter


Cross Belt Sorter


Tilt Tray Sorter

Push Tray Sorters

Narrow Belt Sorter

Medium and Low Throughput Sorters

Medium throughput sorters, which have rates between 20 and 60 product sorts per minute, include pivoting wheel sorters, paddle sorters, angled roller top (ART) and activated roller bed (ARB) sorters.

The lowest throughput sorters, which handle rates up to 20 product sorts per minute, include 90-degree transfer sorters, pusher sorters and swing-arm sorters.

Pivot Wheel Sorter

Paddle & Pusher Sorters

ART & ARB Sorters


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