Cross Belt Sorters

Increase throughput rates with quick, efficient cross belt sorters

Cross belt sorters are usually used to sort parcels, apparel and small items that are often difficult to sort, such as fragile or high friction products. This technology, even with gentle handling, offers tight divert points and high sortation rates in excess of 500 cartons per minute, allowing for fast moving industries to still achieve high performance.

This flexible sortation technology can be used in a variety of applications – inbound sortation, putaway, order fulfillment, cross docking, shipping, kitting and more. It’s versatility in being able to handle mixed products makes it adaptable for wide range of industries. As independent integrators, Bastian Solutions experts are well-versed in the leading sortation technologies and integrations across many industries. Let us help you achieve new levels of automated sortation performance.  


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How Cross Belt Sorters Work

Featuring very high throughput rates, cross belt sorters are a conveyor-based sortation system. The cross belts are a small segment of conveyor that moves products from one location to another.

The main sorter component, known as the carrier, consists of a series of carts which are comprised of small bi-directional conveyor belts.

The configuration of the cross belt sorter can either be in a straight line or in a loop, and these sorters can process from 60 to 500 parts per minute.

The horizontal discharge of product occurs at 90 degrees to the carrier, allowing for higher density divert locations.

Current generation cross belt sorters employ linear induction motor technology, resulting in a simpler design and less mechanical wear over time.


Features & Benefits

Cross belt sortation provides crucial gains in productivity for unit handling systems with benefits such as:

  • High throughput of a vast range of products
  • Flexible integration into existing layouts
  • Low operating costs
  • Simple mechanical construction
  • Higher density of sort locations

They can also be leveraged in several different warehouse operations – inbound sortation, putaway, order fulfillment, cross docking, shipping, kitting and more.



Standard cross belt sorter rates are 60-500 cartons per minute with a maximum load capacity of 75 pounds. Cross belt sorters are used to accomplish high speed sortation of small items, such as:

  • Media, CDs or DVDs
  • Small retail products
  • Clothing and apparel
  • Jewelry
  • Envelopes and small packages
  • Small electronics
  • Health products
  • Pieces (Eaches)


Bastian Solutions’ experts will work with you to explore potential turnkey or custom options. Consider the following details when exploring cross belt sortation solutions:

  • Type, size and weight of items being sorted
  • Product variety and handling needs
  • Desired high throughput rate
  • Divert locations
  • Facility layout and space constraints

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