Gapping Belt Induction

Get every box scanned, labeled and delivered with gapping conveyors

Gapping belt induction conveyors, sometimes referenced as “gappers”, are used when gaps need to be added in between incoming product to assure a reliable scan and sortation of that product. Usually used upstream, this technology helps to prepare product before it is put through label applicators or printers, box strappers, barcode scanners, motion scales or sorters.

Helping to improve fulfillment and distribution accuracy and throughput speed, Bastian Solutions experts can help identify optimal placement and design of a gapping belt induction conveyor solution. Applicable across industries to handle a variety of package sizes and weights, let us help you achieve new levels of automated sortation accuracy.


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How Gapping Belt Induction Conveyors Work

When exiting a merge and prior to scanning and sorting, cartons must be separated by gaps to assure good barcode reads & sortation. A gapper consists of two conveyors operating at a slightly greater speed than the incoming flow of cartons, which “pulls a gap” between adjacent cartons.

By accelerating or decelerating gapping belt conveyor you maximize the throughput and minimize the gap between products entering the sorter.

“Blow through” Gapping – the gapper conveyors operate at a fixed speed and the ratio between the conveyors is fixed. The “pitch,” or distance between the leading edges of the products, tends to be a fixed distance. If the application has a wide variance between small and large boxes, wide gaps can occur. This is possible wasted space and a reduction in sorter throughput.

“Gap Optimization” Gapping – the distance between incoming boxes is sensed and conveyor speed is quickly accelerated or decelerated, resulting in a consistent gap size. This allows you to get the maximum throughput and performance from your sorter.


Features & Benefits

Gapping belt conveyors create an appropriately sized gap between products to ensure that down-stream processes such as the read rate during barcode or photoeye scanning and sortation occurs efficiently and with minimal errors.

  • Operates with most products – small or large boxes
  • Adjustable gapping – small to large, around 8 inches to 18 inches
  • Dynamic and static gapping
  • Leveraged upstream of scanning, weighing and sortation


Gapper conveyor sorter rates are about 180 cartons per minute with an adjustable gap range. The maximum load capacity is about 75 pounds and can manage a variety of product sizes and shapes.

  • Totes, bins, boxes
  • Most products that function with sortation equipment


Bastian Solutions’ experts will work with you to explore potential turnkey or custom options. Consider the following details when exploring product gapper solutions:

  • Type, size and weight of items being transported
  • Desired gap distance
  • Downstream automated equipment - label applicators or printers, box strappers, barcode scanners, motion scales or sorters
  • Facility layout and space constraints

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