Hytrol ProSort Shoe Sorter

ProSort shoe sorters fit your throughput requirements

Sliding shoe conveyors are designed to sort small items; the ProSort 121 and 122 Elite are designed to sort products at a 22 degree angle where higher speeds are required and the ProSort 131 and 132 Elite are designed to sort products at a 30 degree angle where close divert centers are required. The ProSort 122 and 132 Elite are specific to dual-sided sortation solutions.


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Hytrol ProSort

Hytrol ProSort Benefits

  • Utilize o-ring chain technology for longer life and less maintenance
  • Load rides on bearings— the reduced coefficient of friction allows for longer length unit or less horsepower requirement while reducing noise
  • 4 widths available
  • Right or left hand diverts available

Hytrol ProSort Specifications

Sortation rates between 75 to 300 cartons per minute.

Hytrol ProSort shoe sorters are a versatile solution for gently and efficiently sorting products of varying sizes, weights and shapes.

  • Totes
  • Large Items
  • Cartons
  • Pieces (each)

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