Industrial Rack

Finding the right industrial racking 

Racking may not be the most exciting part of your warehouse or distribution center, but it plays a vital role. The right type of racking can do more than just store goods - it can dramatically improve facility efficiency, accessibility, and employee safety. From storing pallets for convenient access to creating highly efficient, easily stocked picking modules, let us help you find the best racking options so you and your team can better meet your goals. 

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Pallet Rack

Selective Pallet Rack

Selective pallet rack is the most flexible and popular pallet storage rack used in the material handling industry. Selective rack is manufactured to meet all RMI (Rack Manufacturers Institute) standards and the roll-formed steel construction provides great ease of use, durability, and safety.

  • Beam-to-Frame construction creates the most firm and dependable rack available.
  • Easy beam installation with no special tools or training.
  • Innovative Interlock system provides protection against damage, tampering, and accidental displacement.
  • Also available in a heavy-duty structural steel channel construction.

Single Deep & Double Deep Pallet Rack

Pallets stored in a single deep configuration allow operators easy access to every product sku. The single deep pallet rack configuration is best used in high volume operations where products must be stored and retrieved quickly.  

Storing pallets in a double deep configuration allows you to store a larger quantity of items when you have a smaller quantity of sku's to retrieve. Fork Trucks can be configured to pick 1 or 2 pallet loads simultaneously from the double deep pallet rack configuration.


Flow Rack

Pallet Flow Rack

Pallet flow rack (gravity flow rack) permits dense storage by eliminating all aisles except the entrance and exit aisles. The configuration of live pallet gravity flow rack makes it ideal for freezer, warehouse, food handling, order picking, and high volume applications. Live pallet gravity flow rack can be integrated into an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) for even greater efficiency. This versatile rack design saves space, labor costs, and energy by efficiently utilizing gravity.

Carton Flow Rack

Carton flow rack provides an economical method for both split and full carton order picking. With carton flow rack, stockers load the rack from the back while the cartons glide down wheel tracks to the picking faces utilizing gravity as the free power source.


Push Back Rack

Push back rack is ideal for applications which require a large number of picking faces and is useful when a reduced number of aisles are needed. The design of push back rack allows pallets to be stored two, three, or four deep on a slight upward incline. With push back rack, pallets are both stored and retrieved from one aisle so the first pallet into the rack is the last pallet out of the rack. In addition push back rack allows retrieval from the face of the racks while providing high density storage in a single aisle.

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever rack is often used for storing different types of long, bulky material such as furniture, bar stock, appliances, lumber, pipe, variable sized boxes, long metal parts, carpet or vinyl flooring. The advantages of cantilever rack include:

  • Strength and ruggedness for multilevel storage at any desired height without loading interference from uprights.
  • A pin locking system with no bolts or loose parts providing the strongest, safest arm locking method available.
  • Adjustable arms on 3” vertical centers enable to make quick changes to the rack.
  • Height and width options up to 40 feet high and 100 pounds per square foot of deck load.

Drive-In/Drive-Thru Rack

Drive-In/Drive-Thru rack is used when large quantities of storage is required. Drive-In/Drive Thru rack uses fewer aisles making it easy to store 75% more pallets than the standard racks. Products are stored several pallets deep, and forklifts enters the structure to store and retrieve items.

  • Entry/Exit point for each storage bay
  • Last-in/first-out flow
  • Variety of heights and depths available to meet needs

Pick Modules

Pick modules are designed specificly to help you accuratley perform picking and product replenishment operations. Our pick moudle design provides elements from pallet rack, pallet-flow, push back, and carton flow rack to meet your specific application needs. learn more about how to complete orders quickly and efficiently.

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