Mezzanines Solutions

Maximize your overhead space with mezzanines

With a mezzanine solution, you can fully utilize existing overhead space and gain valuable working, office, storage, or manufacturing areas at a lower cost than new construction. You are also able to put this space to work fast with minimal interruption to your working floor area.

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Benefits of Mezzanines

  • Fully utilize existing overhead space
  • Save valuable floor space
  • Lower cost than standard construction
  • Quick to build, meaning less downtime for your operation
  • Modular design to accommodate future growth


  • Include the appropriate amount of stairs, guards, railing, and landings to meet building codes
  • Options include: lighting, fire protection, pallet/carton/tote elevators, forklift swing, and sliding gates
  • Various decking options
  • Design includes heavy duty columns and support beams
  • Height allows for the maximum amount of working area below the mezzanine
  • Depending on size of platform, structural joint options include: bolted C section and beam and bar joint


  • Storage
  • Offices
  • Equipment
  • Viewing
  • Access
  • Manufacturing
  • Lunch/Break room
  • Tool crib
  • Security enclosures
  • Locker rooms


  • Cat walks
  • Shipping
  • Receiving
  • Sortation
  • Order picking
  • Conveyor support
  • Garment rail
  • Clean room
  • Dust cover
  • Robotics
  • Recycling

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