Salute to Veterans

Bastian Solutions owes much of its success to veterans, from our founders to the over 60 veterans currently on our team. Our culture highlights people first and foremost, with an emphasis on integrity and inclusion, and we are confident that the veterans on our team meet and exceed these values. Our veterans have diverse backgrounds and are individually commended not only for their service to our nation, but also their continued expertise and commitment within Bastian Solutions. Please join us in thanking veterans everywhere.





Our Veterans


Aaron Schoonover
Production Supervisor

U.S. Army
Sergeant, 5 years of service

Aaron served in two tours in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom combat operations. Stationed in Germany and Ft. Stewart, GA.


Adam Cole
TALNA Manager of Integration

U.S. Navy
Lieutenant, 10 years of service

Adam served as a Surface Warfare Officer onboard the USS Normandy and onboard the USS Truman. He also served as an Engineering Duty Officer within Strategic System Systems Programs, the Navy's community of engineers that specialize in the acquisition and systems engineering of submarine-launched ballistic missiles.




Alyssa Shriver
Production Technician

U.S. Army National Guard
Corporal, 5 years of service

Alyssa is a 68W, which is a health care specialist in the Army. She is in her company's treatment platoon and serves her time treating soldiers that need medical care.


Andrew Countryman
Commissioning Engineer

U.S. Navy
E6, 8 years of service

Andrew served as a Nuclear Electricians Mate on the USS Springfield. 




Bill Fish
Senior Account Manager

U.S. Air Force
SSgt (E-5), 4 years of service

Bill served two tours in Guam during the Vietnam War. He also served in the military police and loaded bombs on B-52s. 


Blaine Wilken
Controls Commissioning Engineer

U.S. Coast Guard
Chief Petty Officer (E-7), 16 years of service

Blaine served on active duty for a cumulative of nine years. He was previously stationed in California, Lake Michigan, and Southeast Texas. He currently serves in the Reserve as part of a waterway safety and security unit in Cincinnati, OH.




Blake Bearden
Regional Director

U.S. Air Force
Captain, 6.5 years of service

Blake served in the US Air Force from 2001-2007. During his time on active duty, he attended pilot training at Vance Air Force Base in Oklahoma where he flew T-37 aircraft. He also served as an acquisition officer at Los Angeles AFB and later Hanscom AFB in Boston, working on programs to develop advanced weapon systems including hypersonic technologies and command and control aircraft.


Bobby Tilden
Site Manager

U.S. Army
Sergeant, 8 years of service

Joined the military out of high school, 25U satellite radio operator (RTO) for the 3rd Infantry division out of Fort Stewart, Georgia, served active army for four years then transferred to the Indiana National Guard after starting a family. In 2008, he deployed with the 76th Infantry Division. 




Brent Davis
National Account Manager

U.S. Air Force
Captain, 4 years of service

I worked as an Acquisition Project Manager in the Recon Systems Program Office located at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH from 1989-1993. We worked with defense contractors to develop and commission electronics systems installed on the U2 and SR71 high altitude reconnaissance aircraft.


Brian Dewald
Mechanical Assembler and Fabricator

U.S. Army
E-3, 6 years of service

Brian was a mechanic serving with the 3rd Infantry Division in West Germany during the Cold War.




Charles Hickman
Press Operator

U.S. Army
E-4, 4 years of service

Charles was a heavy equipment operator digging tank ditches, building roads, and jumped out of a few perfectly good airplanes. He helped build the roads at the CIA base in Honduras.


Christopher Low
Shipping and Receiving Team Lead

U.S. Navy
E-5, 4 years of service

Served as a Gunner's Mate aboard the USS Bunker Hill CG-52, operating and maintaining the MK-45 Mod-4 5" Cannon. He served two deployments: disaster relief for victims of Haiti and provided sea support for Operation Iraqi Freedom. 




Connor Rooney
Project Engineer

U.S. Army - Indiana National Guard
1st Lieutenant, 2 years of service

Conner is a Reconnaissance Platoon Leader for Bravo Troop, 1-152 CAV out of Connersville, Indiana, focusing on reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance. He has attended the Armor Leaders Course in Fort Benning, GA, earned his Spurs through a Spur Ride and continues to drill once a month.


Coty Hall
IT Helpdesk Technician

U.S. Army
Sergeant, 13.5 years of service

Served on Active Duty as a Cavalry Scout and completed two deployments in Iraq. Currently serving in the Indiana Army National Guard as a Preventive Medicine NCO for Indiana Medical Readiness Detachment. 




Dean Starovasnik
Director, Consulting Sales

U.S. Navy
Lieutenant Commander​, 10 years of service

Served on the battleship USS Missouri and frigate USS Boone. Earned a master's degree in Space Systems as well as served as aide to an admiral.  Dean met his wife and had two kids while in the Navy.


Derek Cribley
Director of Advanced Technology

U.S. Navy
Lieutenant Commander​, 8 years of service

After graduating from the Naval Academy Derek became a submarine officer. He served on the USS Omaha in Pearl Harbor and its decommissioning in Portsmouth New Hampshire. He finished his service with the New Attack Submarine design team at Naval Reactors in Washington DC.




Doug Elliott
Senior Project Manager

U.S. Air Force
Captain, 10 years of service

Doug enlisted out of High School and trained to work Flight Line for F-111 (Ardvark) from August '79 to November '80; Fortunate to earn ROTC scholarship. He returned as Commission Officer in May 85 as a WSO (Weapon Systems Officer) flying F-4, Rhino for three years; then F-111, Ardvark for three years. He flew three combat missions in Operation Desert Storm.


Drew Niemeyer
Electrical Drafting Specialist

U.S. Marine Corps
Corporal, 6 years of service

Drew served in Operation Iraqi Freedom as a communications and motor transportation operator. He has traveled all over the globe from the Middle East to South America.




Edward Solares
Controls Engineer

U.S. Marine Corps
Corporal, 5 years of service

Edward was an electronics Engineer for VMAQ-4 Tactical Electronic Countermeasures on EA-6B Prowler Jets, enemy radar detection and top secret tactical frequency jammer maintenance.  


G. Fred Bergen
Robotics Technician

U.S. Air Force
Staff Sergeant, 13 years of service

F-111 Avionics (Radar/Bomb Navigation) Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho. Information systems Specialist, Naples, Italy. Structures Specialist (Carpenter) Griffiss AFB, Rome, New York.  F-16 Avionics and Civil Engineers, Syracuse, New York.




Gary Stafford
Lead Robotics R&D Technician

U.S. Air Force
Sergeant (E-4), 5 years of service

Assistant Crew Chief, Aircraft Mechanic on the KC-135Q. Mission, air refueling of the SR-71 Black Bird.


Geoff Heavner
Site Manager

U.S. Army National Guard (Indiana)
Specialist (E-4), 4 years of service

Combat and Garrison, Military Police officer for Camp Atterbury, Indiana. 81st Troop Command. Installation Support Unit for mobilization and de-mobilization of troops for war.




James Rascoe
Project Manager

U.S. Navy
Petty Officer 1st Class​, 6 years of service

James served from 2000 through 2006 and was deployed aboard the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson working as a Nuclear Electronics Technician. (Two nuclear reactors provide power on modern aircraft carriers). He sailed around the world but spent much of his time at sea in the Arabian Gulf, Persian Gulf, and Sea of Japan. 


Larrin Habeger
Controls Project Manager

U.S. Navy
E-6, 10 years of service

Served as an Electronics Technician at NALF San Clemente Island and the USNS Chauvenet. Earned the distinguished honor of becoming a Shellback (sailed across the equator 10 times). He handled navigation systems integration with AEGIS Weapons System instructor at AEGIS Training Center in Dahlgren, Virginia and was Leading Petty Officer onboard the USS Peterson. Finally, suffered a career ending injury while attending Naval Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, Florida.




Matt Greene
Regional Manager - Atlanta

U.S. Navy
Lieutenant Commander​, 13 years of service

Matt was a Navy Nuclear Engineer Officer. He served on a guided missile destroyer on two deployments off the coast of Syria and at Iraqi oil terminals.  He was deployed on an aircraft carrier (USS Enterprise) in the North Indian Ocean launching sorties into Afghanistan.  He is currently assigned to the Sixth Fleet HQ in Italy as a Reservist, supporting maritime operations across all of Europe and Africa.


Matthew Villani
Field Application Engineer

U.S. Air Force
1st Lieutenant, 3 years of service

Matthew was a Combat Systems Officer (navigator/electronic warfare/weapon systems officer) in the Air Force supporting the B-1 bomber. 




Michael Kortz
Custom Mechanical Assembly

U.S. Navy
Petty Officer 3rd Class​, 4 years of service

Between Sept 1997 and Sept 2001, Michael assisted in the Launch and Recovery of Aircraft aboard the USS George Washington CVN-73, Aircraft Carrier. 
He did two Persian Gulf tours, under Operation Southern Watch.


Michael Panter
Project Manager

U.S. Coast Guard
Lieutenant Junior Grade, 5 years of service

Michael served afloat tours on USCGC MACKINAW as a Deck Watch Officer and USCGC KATMAI BAY as Executive Officer. He served ashore as the Chief of the Technical Support Branch and the USCG National Maritime Center where they rewrote the shipping articles of U.S. Code to bring the U.S. in to compliance with international law.




Mike Bowlby
Manufacturing Supervisor

U.S. Army
1st Lieutenant, 4 years of service

Served as an Engineer Officer at Schofield Barracks, HI in the 130th Engineer Brigade. Supported and executed both training exercises and real-life events to include route clearance, horizontal and vertical construction, and humanitarian relief efforts across the Pacific.


Ollie Langhorst
Operations Manager

U.S. Marine Corps
Staff Sergeant, 6 years of service

Ollie was an F/A-18 powerplant mechanic, plane captain, quality assurance representative and QA department lead for VMFA-232 “Red Devils.” He was awarded Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for coordinating PowerLine dept. flight line operations in Kuwait during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Additionally, he supported OIF during western pacific tour on board aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.




Paul Seitz
Shipping Coordinator

U.S. Army
SPC, 3 years of service

Paul was a 19D Calvary Scout 1/5 1st, Calvary Division HHC. He was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas and did several training trips to National Training Center at Fort Irwin,California where he learned about loading at the rails in Texas and unloading in California. He also participated in Reforger 88, which involved drawing out Cold War era equipment and giving it a run through Holland and Germany. 


Philip Devine
QA Specialist

U.S. Marine Corps
Corporal (E-4), 4 years of service

Philip served as an infantry Marine from 2006-2010. His unit (2nd Battalion, 5th Marines) deployed to Ramadi and Fallujah in Iraq in 2007, then deployed in Southeast Asia in 2008.




Robert Noble
Electrical Lead Install

U.S. Army
PFC, 3 years of service

Served with the 43rd Engineers in Fort Benning, Georgia as an electrician.


Rob Stepanek
Mechanical Design Engineer

U.S. Navy
Lieutenant Junior Grade, 5 years of service

Rob served aboard USS Nashville (LPD-13) from 1989-1992 as Machinery Division Officer, Auxiliary Division Officer and Weapons Officer. He participated in two deployments, one to the Mediterranean Sea, which doubled as support to US Emabassy during Liberian civil war, and one to the Persian Gulf during Desert Strorm. 




Ron Daggett
Vice President of Technology & R&D

U.S. Air Force
Captain, 10 years of service

Ron attended the United States Air Force Academy and received an electrical engineering degree.  He entered the USAF as an Electrical Engineer and was involved in electronic countermeasures, radar testing, and satellite operations.  He had assignments at Tyndall AFB in Panama City, FL and Buckley ANGB in Denver, CO.


Ron Smith 
Toyota Motor Account Manager

U.S. Navy
Lieutenant (O-3), 7 years of service

Rob enlisted in the Navy out of high school and served on a Guided Missile Destroyer in the Pacific Fleet. He was selected by Secretary of the Navy to go to the U.S. Naval Academy and served on a Ballistic Missile Nuclear Powered Submarine in the Atlantic Fleet. After active service, Ron spent one and a half years in the Reserves.




Ryan Bliss
Software Operations Manager

U.S. Air Force
1st Lieutenant, 4 years of service

Ryan went through the ROTC program in college to gain his commission as a communications officer. He spent tours at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado, supporting the efforts of NORAD and in the Air Force Space Command at Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks, Alaska.  


Timothy Maynard
Senior Controls Engineer

U.S. Marine Corps
Lance Corporal (E-3), 2 years of service

Tim was a Telephone Switchboard Technician.




Troy Donnelly
TALNA VP of Integration

U.S. Marine Corps
Sergeant, 4 years of service

Troy served from 1990-1994 with a deployment to Somalia.


Will Mansard
National Accounts Manager

U.S. Air Force
Captain, 4 years of service

Will was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force upon graduating from college in 2005.  He spent four years at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina as a Civil Engineer performing base maintenance and new construction. 




Wynn Watson
Field Applications Engineer

U.S. Navy
Lieutenant Commander (O-4), 11 years of service

After graduation from Annapolis, Wynn spent three and a half years at sea on two ships as a surface warfare officer and deployed to the Med and Caribbean. Afterwards, he earned a Masters from the Naval Post Grad School while teaching leadership and serving as 24th Company Officer at the Naval Academy. He wrapped up his active duty career as chief engineer on the USS DE WERT and then served for two years as XO of the USS Simpson Reserve Detachment.