EuroSort, Inc.


Sorter Science

Established in 2001 in Amsterdam, EuroSort designs and manufactures high-speed unit sortation systems for a variety of industries, including apparel, postal, ecommerce, grocery, pharamaceutical, multimedia, jewelry, footware, and more. In 2003, they expanded into North America by opening an additional office in Baltimore, MD. They are a leader in designing and manufacturing high-speed unit sortation systems using simple, efficient, space-saving designs at a higher quality, a lower price, and a smaller footprint than the competition. 

"As a recognized leader of state-of-the-art technology in Bomb Bay, Push Tray, and Sweeper Sorters, as well as our patent-pending Cross Tray Sorter, we encourage customers worldwide to challenge us with their issues, needs and projects, our engineers are up for the challenge."



  • EUROSORT_cross_tray_sorter-3_hr
  • EUROSORT_cross_tray_sorter-27_hr
  • EUROSORT_cross_tray_sorter-14_hr
  • EUROSORT_cross_tray_sorter-18_hr-thumb2
  • Eurosort_split_tray_sorter_4-thumb
  • Eurosort_split_tray_sorter_3-thumb
  • Eurosort_split_tray_sorter-thumb
  • Eurosort_split_tray_sorter_5-thumb
  • Eurosort_split_tray_sorter_2-thumb
  • Eurosort_push_tray_sorter-thumb
  • Eurosort_push_tray_sorter_5-thumb
  • Eurosort_push_tray_sorter_3-thumb
  • Eurosort_push_tray_sorter_2-thumb
  • Eurosort_push_tray_sorter_4-thumb
  • Eurosort_twin_push_tray_sorter_5-thumb
  • Eurosort_twin_push_tray_sorter_3-thumb
  • Eurosort_twin_push_tray_sorter_4-thumb
  • Eurosort_twin_push_tray_sorter_6-thumb
  • Eurosort_twin_push_tray_sorter_2-thumb

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