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Conveyor for robotic bag picking and palletizing

Project Spotlight: New Robotic Bag Palletizing EoAT

Kayla Wohldmann | 23 September 2015

Bastian Robotics recently redesigned and upgraded our robotic bag palletizing End of Arm Tool (EoAT) to accommodate a wider range of products with the same base tool. Similar to past renditions, this tool still has a clamshell design and interfaces with our custom bag pick conveyor.

How It Works

Product flows into the robot pick-zone with the narrow side leading. The robot will then actuate the tool to pick up the product and place it onto the pallet.  The bag pick conveyor is designed to allow the fingers on the EoAT to fit between the rollers, and the side frame has been engineered to allow the fingers to close when a bag has entered the pick location and hits the end stop. [caption id="attachment_10533" align="aligncenter" width="630"] Custom conveyor for robotic bag picking and palletizing[/caption] Additionally, the newly upgraded EoAT now includes a range of adjustability, which allows a single tool to handle a wide range of bag sizes. In the event of a product changeover, an operator would simply release the easily identifiable clamps that lock the adjustable components of the tool. Then, the operator would turn a small wheel which subsequently adjusts the width of the fingers to accommodate wider or narrower bags. Once the tool has been properly resized, the operator locks the clamps back in place and can begin operation. The adjustability in the tool ensures that both large and small bags can be run with minimal changeover. [caption id="attachment_10534" align="aligncenter" width="630"]Bag palletizing robotic arm tool Robotic EoAT for bag picking and palletizing[/caption] The tool also features platens to square the bag and keep them in the same location while the robot moves from the pick position to the place location. Two side platens run along the side of the pick fingers.  These platens square up the sides of the bag to help ensure a stable pallet build. Two top platens actuate to help flatten bags with an uneven product distribution. In addition to conditioning the bags, the platens ensure that even lightweight or slick bags are secure while the robot is in motion and keep the product in a repeatable location within the tool.

Clamshell EoAT Benefits

With the most recent upgrades, our clamshell style EoAT for bag palletizing has become more robust while allowing for quick changeovers. One large benefit of a clamshell style EoAT over a vacuum EoAT is its ability to provide bottom support.  This is particularly important for bags that are slick, loosely packed, and/or very malleable. Another reason to consider using a clamshell style EoAT over a vacuum EoAT is the environment. Clamshell tools can be used in dusty environments that may cause issues for vacuum tools. EoATs are critical to the integration of a successful robot cell.  At Bastian Robotics, we take great pride in our reliable and robust EoATs.  Learn more about our End of Arm Tool designs.  

Author: Kayla Wohldmann


Bill S says:
8/28/2018 10:09 AM

Looks like a great new design!

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