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GEODIS Collaborates with Bastian Solutions on New Fulfillment Site to Deliver Highest AutoStore Throughput Globally

Oct 11, 2021
Global leading transport and logistics provider GEODIS today announced a partnership with Bastian Solutions to implement an AutoStore system into a new fulfillment site for a leading clothing retailer. The $48 million material handling equipment deal will deliver the highest throughput documented of an AutoStore system globally to support the retailer’s omnichannel capabilities, including e-Commerce and its more than 1,000 stores across the United States.

In the News: Conventional Warehouse Tune Up

Oct 11, 2021
Well-defined processes, clean data, a little automation and a skilled workforce deliver that needed spark to conventional warehouses.

In the News: Stretching Pick-to-light

Oct 11, 2021
Pick-to-light systems as a user interface have evolved, and the incarnations leverage the core speed and accuracy of traditional light guidance and may also reduce infrastructure barriers of traditional pick-to-light modules or put-to-light systems.

Where technology and collaboration meet: PUMA builds synergy through trusted results with Bastian, AutoStore and advanced automation

Sep 28, 2021
In the age of ecommerce woes, next-day shipping struggles and unprecidented demand, PUMA shocked competitors with a state of the art, fully automated distribution center (DC) – one that didn’t so much as blink at the term “COVID-19”.

In the News: For MRO remote is more than just a concept

Jul 15, 2021
Covid was a catalyst and advanced technology the enabler that made remote MRO training and support a force to be reckoned with. And not just until the danger of Covid passes. Remote MRO is here to stay. ​

Crocs Selects Bastian Solutions for New Automated DC in Ohio

Jun 22, 2021
Dayton, OH – Innovative casual footwear company Crocs, Inc. (NASDAQ: CROX) has partnered with Bastian Solutions for a new storage facility and fulfillment center in the Dayton, Ohio area. The new facility – called “Saltwater” – will support Crocs’ current and anticipated growth throughout North America and, upon completion, will become one of the most automated facilities in the region.

In the News: Palletizing: 4 trends that boost flexibility

Jun 15, 2021
Automated palletizing systems are proven solutions, and they are becoming more flexible in accommodating different SKUs and tasks. Vendors are giving operations plenty of choice, putting more emphasis on software capabilities and ease of use.

In the News: Outsourcing CAD engineering

May 14, 2021
Over the past year, few industries have witnessed demand skyrocket like material handling and logistics. The pandemic forced a shift in shopping habits and challenged an already thriving industry into satisfying the sudden boom in demand from online shopping and home delivery. Amazon alone hired more than 100,000 new workers in 2020 to beef up its operations. The typical ebb and flow quickly turned into flow and even more flow.

In the News: Day 4 of ProMatDX | Is micro-fulfillment the future of grocery?

Apr 15, 2021
To learn more about the state of micro-fulfillment today, I spoke to three system providers working in this space: Knapp, Bastian Solutions and AutoStore. Of course, they aren’t the only three: Swisslog and Dematic, who I spoke to for Monday’s newsletter, are also playing in this space. And there are others.

In the News: Toyota Material Handling introduces new automated line

Apr 14, 2021
Toyota Material Handling is introducing a line of automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) that includes two automatic guided carts (AGCs), center-controlled rider and a core tow tractor automatic guided forklifts this week at ProMatDX. Toyota will also be previewing its latest future addition to its automated lineup—a three-wheel electric automated forklift.

In the News: Bastian Solutions showcases robotic picking systems powered by AI

Apr 14, 2021
At ProMatDX, Bastian Solutions is displaying its AI-powered robotic systems that allow robots to see, reason and act to unknown inputs and produce desired outputs.

In the News: ProMatDX 2021: How to build a successful last-leg fulfillment operation

Apr 13, 2021
Finding a well-planned strategy backed by data is key to creating a competitive last-leg fulfillment operation, systems integrator explains during ProMatDX seminar.
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