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Aerospace companies face unique challenges that often require tailored and innovative approaches in precision manufacturing, delicate material handling, whole unit aviation part logistics, and domestic and global shipping. With access to leading technologies as well as manufacturing capabilities, Bastian Solutions experts use data-backed, custom-engineered designs and technology that rises above standard equipment while keeping operational safety top of mind.

Featured Case Study: The Boeing Company

The Boeing Company, an aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial, military, security and space products and tailored services, required a unique solution for a specific application. Together with Bastian Solutions, a custom, automated vertical storage unit was designed and integrated to store composite parts. The final solution included a two-tower vertical lifting system with a custom, pivoting carriage between the two towers – freezer (-20°F) and earthquake rated.




The Boeing Company

Bastian Solutions created a custom vertical lift module to hold 20 trays of composite parts for The Boeing Company. The final solution included a two tower vertical lifting system with a custom, pivoting carriage between the two towers.

Roark Custom Fabrication & Engineering

Roark has been creating custom fabrication and metal works for the aerospace, science, and energy industries for over 60 years. The company is based out of Brownsburg, IN.

Custom Automation - Heavy Duty Automated Storage VLM

This custom vertical lift module (VLM) was built for a large aircraft manufacturer based out of Washington State. The lift is designed to handle 20 steel molds weighing 7,100 pounds each.

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