Petzl North America

Petzl has Bastian install Perfect Pick system to help get orders ready to ship

Petzl is a rock climbing and mountain scaling equipment company that provides solutions allowing sports enthusiasts and professionals to access some of the most inaccessible places, both day and night. The company constructed a new North American headquarters and distribution center in Salt Lake City, UT, featuring a Perfect Pick system, a goods-to-person storage and retrieval unit, that helps the company ship faster, more accurate orders with reduced labor costs.

Key Technologies

  • Equipment
    • OPEX Perfect Pick, a goods-to-person order fulfillment system, for medium-velocity SKUs 
    • Light-directed picking for high velocity SKUs 
    • ZiPline conveyor workstation 
    • Hytrol e24 EZ roller conveyor
    • Inline scale to check order accuracy 
    • Automatic taper 
  • ExactaWCS: Warehouse Control System 
    • Pick location assignment 
    • Automated order routing 
    • Exacta Touch (picking, putaway, cycle counting with Perfect Pick) 
    • Event Director to monitor system alerts 
    • Integration with Petzl’s host warehouse management system (WMS)

See the results

  • Shipment of 400-700 cartons a day  
  • 1 operator can manage up to 800 picks per hour; it took 4-5 operators to complete the same amount of work prior to the installation of the new system 
  • Even with a projected 10% yearly growth rate, Petzl will not need to hire an additional full-time employee for another 4 years within their DC due to the picking capacity and scalability of the new system.
  • Quicker order fulfillment rates from the time an order enters the system until it is ready for shipment 
  • Perfect Pick’s iBots and the Hytrol e24 EZ conveyor help create a more energy-efficient system to comply with Petzl’s LEED-certified building. 
  • System installation and go live completed within 4 months

Photos of our solution

  • petzl-north-americas-new-leed-certified-headquarters
  • petzls-order-fulfillment-system
  • re-stocking-the-perfect-pick-asrs
  • ibots-delivering-product
  • carton-induction-and-labeling
  • light-directed-picking
  • picking-from-the-perfect-pick-asrs
  • zipline-conveyor-workstation
  • exacta-touch-for-perfect-pick
  • ibots-picking-totes
  • system-controls-hmi
  • conveyor-line-to-value-add-stations
  • qc-weigh-station
  • pack-out-station

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