Amway - Santa Fe Springs, CA

Amway’s Daily Carton Processing Increases by 27% with New Material Handling System

Amway—a leading direct seller of nutrition, wellness, beauty, and home care products—needed to streamline operations and improve customer experience. The aging material handling system at the company’s California Regional Service Center was inefficient, causing errors and delaying fulfillment times.

Amway invested in a new material handling system from Bastian, which allowed the company to increase the number of daily cartons processed and improve customer service.

Amway - Ada, MI

Key Technologies


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27% increase in daily cartons processed

Capacity to handle more than 12,000 cartons per day

Decreased customer wait times

More flexibility and cross training of staff

Streamlined, standardized processes


Photos of our solution

  • amway-packing-area13766d902afc682eabcbff0000f3d94d
  • amway-shipping-lanes
  • amway-shipping-sortation-conveyor
  • amway-voice-picking-for-split-case-picks
  • amway-weight-check-scale
  • amway-zipline-decline-conveyor
  • barcode-scanner_(1)
  • decline-conveyor-from-induction-mezzanine
  • exacta-warehouse-control-system---amway-ca
  • material-handling-conveyor-system-amway-california
  • amway-carton-erectors47766d902afc682eabcbff0000f3d94d
  • amway-carton-induction-rendering
  • amway-conveyor-extendable-into-trailer
  • amway-customer-pick-up-area
  • amway-full-case-picking-to-conveyor
  • amway-full-case-pick-mezzanine
  • amway-full-case-pick-mezzanine-rendering
  • amway-full-system-rendering
  • amway-packing-and-dunnage-area
  • amway-packing-and-qc-area-rendering
  • amway-pick-up-order-storage
  • amway-shipping-lanes-rendering
  • amway-pallet-racking
  • amway-pick-to-light-split-case-picking
  • amway-pick-to-light
  • manual-pallet-build
  • shipping-label-apply-and-voice-picking
  • shipping-label-scan
  • shipping-lanes
  • shipping-lanes-leading-to-manual-pallet-build

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