In-Line Scales

Checkweigher In-Line Scales

Inline scales are used to weigh, classify, transport, and reject off-weight packages in a high-speed process. They are able to weigh bags, bottles, cartons, cans, canisters, blister packs, cases, over wraps, pails, trays, tubes, flexible pouches, vacuum packs, as well as raw or unwrapped products.


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How In-line Scales work

The intuitive object-oriented screens, coupled with a highly responsive color touch screen, allow operators to quickly become familiar with the system and become power users. Two tachometers give the operator quick feedback and a relative measure for data such as average package weight and package throughput, enabling them to make quick adjustment decisions. Production reports are available based on hourly, shift or batch time periods providing accurate and timely information.

Beside the well-specified standard design there is a wide range of options and accessories with proven quality, to tailor the checkweigher for an optimum match your requirements. Its modular concept makes the S series particularly operator and service friendly requiring little maintenance.

Features of In-line Scales

  • Weight classification up to 7 zones
  • Gliding mean value calculated from the last 5 to 99 weights (selectable)
  • Suitable for integration in almost any production line
  • Weights and measures design approved in certain countries
  • 115/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz, single phase, 750 VA (model S40), 1200 VA (model S100)

Weighing Terminal

  • Touch screen black & white display with excellent visibility: bright, high contrast LC display 10.4 in. VGA
  • 100 product memories
  • Operator-friendly: TachoControl, operator prompts (menus)
  • Indication of all current important weighing and production data as well as configuration screens
  • Access protection by password
  • Multiple language support for onscreen dialogue

Options & Accessories for In-line Scales

  • Color display
  • Automatic feedback to filling machine controllers (feedback control)
  • Statistics programs for evaluation
  • Various monitoring facilities (e. g. detection of product backup)
  • Choice of interfaces for weight data transmission
  • Print Card or printer
  • Network interface
  • Remote display
  • Range of sorting/rejecting devices
  • Water ingress protection IP65 or IP65 V2A stainless steel design
  • Further special options and accessories

In-line Scales Resources

Interested in in-line scales or want to know more?