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Innovative Warehouse with Latin America's Largest AutoStore System Delivers Reliable Convenience and Speed

With a spirit for innovation and customer satisfaction, Dafiti Group sought to create a warehouse that could support an increasingly convenient shopping experience for customers across Latin America now and for years to come.

The outcome – LEAP, Dafiti’s newest warehouse facility located in Extrema (MG), Brazil. The warehouse occupies an area of 54,000 m² and houses an innovative automation system that has the capacity for 3.6 million products which it can process at a rate of 4,800 products per hour.

Bastian Solutions engineered Dafiti’s retail advantage with one of the world’s larger and most advanced automation solutions. This system features AutoStore, a goods to person order fulfillment system, Interroll conveyor, and Bastian Solutions’ Exacta software. Expertly integrated, Dafiti’s 300 robots and 450,000 bins reduced order cycle time from 24 hours to 2 hours.


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Key Technologies



  • Reduced order cycle time from 24 hours down to an average of 2 hours
  • 4,800+ items picked per hours
  • 400% more throughput per hour than previous facilities
  • Maximized storage density
  • Automatic inventory counting and management
  • Low energy consumption
  • Scalable to adjust to growing demand
  • Flexible for seasonal changes in demand
  • Improved value proposition for both partners and end customers


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